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  • Feb 01,2024

    The Transformative Power of Forgiveness

    I declared this promise at the start of the new year: “You can, and you will experience greater wellness in 2024.” I believe that promise is available to anyone who desires greater wellness.  And, there is no greater transformative power on earth than the supernatural power of forgiveness…

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  • Jan 30,2024

    Episode 74: Heaven's Call

    There is a single life-altering decision that can unlock the boundless potential of divine transformation. It is heaven’s gift to you, and it is profound. Unleash it and open the door to greater physical, emotional and spiritual empowerment than ever before. Four Things You’ll Unlock in This Podcast…

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  • Dec 29,2023

    Episode 73: Inflamm-aging: Unveiling the Link Between Chronic Inflammation and Premature Aging

    Tune in now for a new Healthy You podcast with Dr. Paul Bernitt! This month, Dr. Paul explores the good and bad aspects of inflammation—when it’s healthy, when it’s dangerous and how to know. You’ll also hear about the anti-aging benefits of healthy inflammation. Leading health organizations are…

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  • Nov 30,2023

    Episode 72: Envisioning a Wonderful Future with Gratitude

    This month on the Healthy You podcast, host Dr. Paul Bernitt welcomes Bronwyn Ison, TriVita’s director of marketing and communications, to discuss how you can transform yourself one moment at a time with the power of gratitude. We all have negative cognitive biases in our lives, and these…

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  • Nov 01,2023

    Episode 71: Cold Season Champions: Your Immunity Roadmap

    This month on Healthy You, Dr. Paul Bernitt shares five ways you can strengthen your immune response. When you do your part to keep your immune system healthy, you can: Keep illnesses at bay Reduce the severity of symptoms Help medical treatments work more effectively Faster recovery from…

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  • Oct 01,2023

    Episode 70: Supporting Your Immune Health During Cold and Flu Season

    This month on Healthy You, Michael R. Ellison hands over the microphone to TriVita’s own Dr. Paul Bernitt as our new host. Regular listeners will be no strangers to Dr. Paul’s wealth of knowledge and experience. We eagerly anticipate more of his wisdom and insights. Don’t worry—Michael will…

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  • Sep 01,2023

    Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

    This month on Healthy You, Michael welcomes Dr. Olivia Remes, a world-renowned researcher from the University of Cambridge whose Ted Talks have received more than 5 million views. Tune in as they discuss healing after trauma — not just “getting over it” but actually experiencing profound positive change…

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  • Aug 01,2023

    Episode 68: New Product Announcement

    In this month’s Healthy You podcast, Michael Ellison and Dr. Paul Bernitt introduce a brand-new adaptogenic supplement that’s clinically shown to reduce perceived stress by as much as 72%. Tune in to discover what makes the clinically validated results of TriVita’s Ashwagandha KSM-66® formula more reliable than the…

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  • Jul 01,2023

    Episode 67: Principles for Purpose

    Have you ever wondered about the purpose of life? Or, more specifically, your purpose in life? Maybe the path to purpose isn’t what you thought it was. Healthy You Wellness Podcast hosted by Michael R. Ellison What if purpose isn’t something you seek and find? What if, instead…

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  • Jun 01,2023

    Episode 66: B Vitamins with Dr. Paul

    Could you recognize the signs of B12 deficiency? If you suspect you’re not getting enough of this essential vitamin, how can you know what form of B12 supplement to take? Guest host, Dr. Paul Bernitt, steps in for this month’s podcast to discuss the importance of B vitamins…

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