More than just a brand

We’re a community committed to enhancing people’s health and well-being. Our journey commenced over two decades ago with a simple yet important vision to help people experience wellness. But it all started with the Founder and CEO, Michael R. Ellison, who had a major change in his life when he encountered his own health crisis. Through his long recovery and journey, he realized that optimal health and well-being can be found in simple but profound principles that anyone could live by. Thus, he conceived the idea of TriVita – a trifecta of living with a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual purpose.

Founders Michael and Susan Ellison
Feeding Mission Work in South Africa

Since its inception, TriVita’s mission to help people experience greater wellness has been led by a commitment to ensure our members receive the highest quality products and services. Our passion and innovation come from a science-supported and biblical-based philosophy. And with that, we aim to go beyond industry norms by following the best quality control and compliance standards.

To meet our standards, we collaborate with top-notch healthcare professionals who understand holistic best practices. Through our investment in research and development, we have successfully created unique formulas and delivery systems designed for maximum absorption and void of binders and synthetic ingredients. Our product portfolio continues to expand and evolve, targeting several body systems and key issues such as chronic inflammation.

All of our product manufacturing is done in the United States and adhere to Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

More than products

While nutritional and dietary products are the primary function of our business, we believe people need more than nutrition to be well. Our in-house Wellness Consultants are skilled and trained to help our members manage their health concerns through body system consultation. We don’t just take your order; we take our time to answer your questions and help you select the right products. Our members also enjoy the lifestyle and health education tools we provide for further assistance in meeting their health goals.

In addition, we provide complimentary spiritual and emotional help through our WeCare helpline. We’re here to listen to your concerns and life challenges to help you overcome difficult times. And yes, if the member approves, we will even pray with you.

Creating a Healthier Community

We are a faith-based driven company whose mission is to strengthen God’s Kingdom by helping people experience greater physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

As a TriVita Premier Member, we strive to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We’re blessed and honored to be your health and wellness partner and provider.