Episode 72: Envisioning a Wonderful Future with Gratitude

This month on the Healthy You podcast, host Dr. Paul Bernitt welcomes Bronwyn Ison, TriVita’s director of marketing and communications, to discuss how you can transform yourself one moment at a time with the power of gratitude.

We all have negative cognitive biases in our lives, and these unhealthy default mechanisms too often rob us of our best. But, even a moment of gratitude disrupts the negativity within and can reprogram your mind and cells!

Listen now as Dr. Paul and Bronwyn consider how:

  • Gratitude always reveals the truth
  • Gratefulness can help you develop a healthier cognitive bias
  • The intentional practice of gratitude can positively impact your biology
  • The simplicity of gratitude can bring clarity to the most complex circumstances

PLUS, don’t miss the announcement of a special introductory offer for Dr. Paul’s new book, The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. The 30-day challenge is truly transformational, so you don’t want to miss this deal! Tune in now!


About Paul Bernitt, DHH

Paul Bernitt, DHH Passionate advocate for helping others experience greater physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Board-Certified Doctor of Holistic Health and Director of Wellness Services, TriVita, Inc.

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