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The Silent Killer

Nov 11,2019

When asked by your doctor; how are you feeling? Most people respond; I feel fine. But are you really fine? Your actual health may not be as good as you think because what’s really going on inside just might tell another story. 

Today, organizations like Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Clinic, National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization all agree that chronic inflammation breeds a host of diseases and health conditions. National Institutes of Health states; chronic inflammation is not a specific disease but a mechanistic process. It is part of the body’s defense mechanism.

Inflammation represents an essential survival mechanism that helps fight off hostile and harmful microbes and pathogens and repairs damaged tissue. Yet there is another side of inflammation that can be harmful rather than helpful when it lingers and attacks healthy cells and tissue. Chronic inflammation we may not be able to feel or see is a dangerous silent killer.

“Most modern people are boiling pots of inflammation: hot, steaming, churning cauldrons of disordered, chaotic inflammatory responses, much of them due to food choices that perform poorly to human dietary needs.”

— William Davis M.D., Cardiologist and Author

In this special report, you’ll learn why the World Health Organization calls chronic inflammation “the greatest health threat to humanity.” Including information about what causes chronic inflammation and its role in your overall health. Plus, you’ll find the results of an exciting new clinical trial that may change the way you think about managing inflammation, a letter from TriVita’s founder, as well as a very special offer to help get you on the road to wellness. Continue reading on page 2. 

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