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How Inflammation and Nopalea’s Ingredients Can Affect Your Cellular Health

Nopalea — A Breakthrough Dietary Supplement Packed with Bioflavonoids 

A cell distressed by external toxins and internal deficiencies will eventually wither, collapse and die. Bioflavonoids are a powerful antioxidant that supply structure and function to every human cell. They work with the body to neutralize toxins in the cells as well as drain away accumulations of toxic waste. Bioflavonoids help reduce the activity of the enzymes known to cause inflammation. 

The nopal cactus of the Sonoran Desert contains potent bioflavonoids because its environment is so intense; it needs them to survive in such an extreme setting. 

Inflammation is unavoidable
Our bodies use inflammation as a natural defense against pathogens. Too much inflammation, however, can cause adverse health conditions. This diagram shows places that may be affected by excess inflammation.

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