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ACV Gummies

60 soft gels
2 soft gels per serving


60 Gummies
2 Gummies per serving

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Manufactured in a USA cGMP licensed facility

ACV Gummies

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Gummies are formulated to promote healthy digestion, healthy blood sugar and lipid levels, and may even promote weight loss. Each serving contains 750 mg of pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for outstanding potency, optimal levels of acetic acid, a vitamin B complex that includes folic acid, and a unique superfood blend of organic beet root, purple carrot and pomegranate.

ACV Gummies contain no artificial colors and are sugar free and vegan friendly.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Manufactured in a USA cGMP licensed facility


Apple cider vinegar (ACV), a golden elixir derived from fermented apple juice and celebrated for centuries, may enhance your well-being. Here are seven reasons why ACV gummies may boost your health.

  • Digestive Aid: Apple cider vinegar is renowned for its fermentation process to aid in digestive benefits as a probiotic. It also contains acetic acid, which aids in facilitating better digestion.1
  • Weight Management: Studies suggest that the acetic acid in ACV may contribute to a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing calorie intake while also increasing metabolism and weight loss.1
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Research has shown that apple cider vinegar can have a positive impact on blood sugar levels. It may improve insulin sensitivity, helping to lower blood sugar spikes after meals.2
  • Cholesterol Regulation: Some studies have indicated that ACV may help lower levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, often referred to as “bad” cholesterol.3
  • Triglyceride Reduction: Triglycerides are another type of lipid. Research has suggested that consuming ACV may lead to a decrease in triglyceride levels.3
  • Improvement in Lipid Profiles: Some studies have observed improvements in overall lipid profiles with regular consumption of ACV. This includes not only reductions in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides but also an increase in HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, often considered the “good” cholesterol.3
  • Research and Clinical Studies: Each ingredient was carefully selected, based on more than 20 years of safety and efficacy research and clinical studies to ensure health-supporting results. Each serving contains these health supporting ingredients:
    • 750 mg dose of pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
    • Optimal levels of acetic acid (5-6%)
    • Vitamin B complex
    • Unique superfood blend of organic beet root, purple carrot and pomegranate
    • No sugar or artificial colors
    • Vegan friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ACV gummies should I take?

For adults age 18 and over, we suggest taking two gummies daily or as recommended by a healthcare provider.

Will apple cider vinegar help me lose weight?

Studies have suggested that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may contribute to a feeling of fullness. This feeling of satiation can, in turn, lead to a decreased appetite, thereby reducing calorie intake. We suggest that you always eat nutritiously to help maintain a healthy weight.

Will this help me reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar?

While there is evidence suggesting that apple cider vinegar may help lower blood sugar, improve insulin resistance and lipid levels, results will vary due to other lifestyle factors. Continue to work with your healthcare provider to manage all medical conditions as you make self-care improvements.

Do ACV Gummies contain artificial colors or flavors?

No. ACV Gummies contain natural apple flavor and no artificial colors.

Can vegetarians and vegans take it?

ACV Gummies contain no animal byproducts and are vegan friendly.

Are ACV Gummies safe to take?

Each ingredient in TriVita’s ACV Gummies was carefully selected based on more than 20 years of safety and efficacy research and clinical studies. All our products are produced according to the strict FDA manufacturing guidelines and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

ACV Gummies are intended for use by adults age 18 and over. If you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.



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ACV Gummies
ACV Gummies
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