Episode 20: Featuring Lisa Hill – Is Your Pillow Making You Sick?

Lisa Hill discusses sleep-disrupting toxins and how your bedding may be affecting your overall health.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about getting 7-8 hours of rest. In this episode of Healthy You, Lisa Hill discusses the hidden toxins and chemicals hiding in conventional bedding and household products. Join Michael R. Ellison and Lisa Hill to learn more about how you can reduce sleep-disrupting toxins in your bedroom for better sleep and greater well-being.

About Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill is a global health advocate and the Founder and CEO of Silverite Global. As a healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience, she knew that conventional pillows were made with toxic foam, allergy-inducing animal dander and don’t decompose naturally. Lisa formulated the Silverite pillow as a non-toxic, eco-friendly and customizable alternative.

Silverite Global

Silverite is changing the way people sleep! Each Silverite product is created using the finest natural fibers and fabrics for ultimate comfort and well-being. Silverite embraces the numerous health benefits of silver by infusing it into each product using groundbreaking technology.

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