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New Nopalea Clinical Study Shows Powerful Health Benefits

Since 2009, TriVita has been educating people on the dangers of long-term chronic inflammation. Now, major institutions such as Harvard Medical School, National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization, are educating the medical community on the dangers of lingering inflammation; even citing it as the primary health risk and the root cause of most major illnesses and diseases. 

Nopalea is a breakthrough dietary supplement that promotes a state of wellness by supporting the normal and essential anti-inflammatory function performed by the immune system. It can also help reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility and range of motion. 

Nopalea’s proprietary blend is made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus found in the Sonoran Desert and contains potent antioxidants called bioflavonoids that promote cellular health. 

Study Validates Nopalea’s Anti-Inflammatory Benefits 

Your quality of life depends on your ability to remain active. Since we introduced Nopalea over ten years ago, we’ve heard from thousands of members who’ve had terrific experiences using the product. To put it to the test, we commissioned an independent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on the effectiveness of Nopalea. 

Study results showed that consumption of Nopalea improved mobility, flexibility, and range of motion in the neck, back and joints. The outcomes also indicate it can help improve the overall quality of life.

Nopalea Clinical Study Reference: Jensen, G. Evaluation of Activity Levels, Inflammatory Markers, and Overall Wellness. 2019. Study based on 3 ounces per day serving size.

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