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Flower Happy Hour

Nov 24,2020


We are ladies who love to have flowers and we love to host flower happy hours. Grab your favorite people, have them bring a bouquet, a small snack to share, or a fun “mocktail” to drink, and take part in a flower happy hour of your own.

What is flower happy hour?

This is one of our favorite things to do. Invite friends, family, and/or neighbors, and ask them to bring a bouquet of their favorite flowers or ones that they would like out on display. You’ll get together to arrange the flowers and the end result will be a beautiful assortment to show off. It’s easiest for the host to pick a mocktail to serve and have while you let the creativity flow!

We’ve experimented locally with suppliers who have the longest living flowers, and we’ve learned who gets their deliveries on what days so we get the freshest flowers to enjoy the longest. FYI, our local grocery store, Safeway, gets deliveries on Sundays and Tuesdays. They seem to last the longest and for their price, they are our go-to spot to source flowers. You can even make friends with your local grocery store florist!

To start flower happy hour, have everyone bring a jar or vase from home. You will be AMAZED at what you have at home that can be used as a vase. No need to go out and buy something if you don’t feel the need. Get creative and find something you can use and make sure it doesn’t leak (I’ve done that before and it was a slow leak thankfully!) We grabbed a few different options from home so you can see how fun and creative you can get. We recommend investing in clippers, gloves, and a large bucket to free all the flowers for easy access during the arranging part.

Dianna, a special family friend, inspired creativity to the next level that we want to share with you. Look in your yard for leaves and greenery to incorporate into your arrangement. You can even line your vase or serving tray with those leaves. For my daughter’s first birthday, she arranged beautiful flowers with fig tree leaves. She may or may not clip a leaf or two on her morning walks! Keep your eyes open and check your yard for options to add to your arrangements.

Now that you have all the makings, pick a date, invite your favorite people and go to town!

Please post pics and hashtag #elliwivesflowerhappyhour and tag @trivita so we can share and enjoy your flower happy hours too! Enjoy flower happy hour! From our homes to yours!

Cranberry Ginger “Mocktail” Recipe


·         1 inch slice of fresh ginger, thinly sliced, plus more for garnish
·         1 large sprig fresh rosemary, plus more for garnish
·         ½ cup of sugar-free cranberry juice OR sugar-free cranberry syrup (order ahead of time on amazon, not easy to source locally)
·         2 cans (or more) of ginger sparkling water (we used ginger peach)
·         Fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs and thinly sliced ginger for garnish


1.    Fill 4 wine glasses (or glass of your choice) with ice and set aside.
2.    In a pitcher, muddle sliced ginger and rosemary together using the end of a wooden spoon or a muddler if you have one.
3.    Add cranberry juice and sparkling water, stir gently to combine.
4.    Pour into ice-filled glasses (using a strainer, if necessary) and garnish with sprigs of rosemary, a slice of fresh ginger and a few cranberries before serving.

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