The Transformative Power of Forgiveness

I declared this promise at the start of the new year: “You can, and you will experience greater wellness in 2024.” I believe that promise is available to anyone who desires greater wellness.  And, there is no greater transformative power on earth than the supernatural power of forgiveness to help you experience physical, emotional and spiritual wellness! It is a big idea! It is a God idea!! Yes, it is supernatural! It is also natural in that it applies to all aspects of our daily lives. It will free you from the harmful, emotional and energy-draining effects of unforgiveness. Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:12 as our model prayer to release the goodness and care of Father God in our lives. He said, “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Then in verse 15 He warns, “but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Jesus would not have said to forgive, if it were not possible for everyone to do. The possibility is not in ourselves but in the obedience of saying, “I forgive,” which releases supernatural power.

Forgiveness Will Unleash Heaven’s Best for You

Forgiveness is a transforming force whether it is a written or a spoken word. It is a God gift that He has given to all humanity to cleanse our lives of toxic wrongdoing. Its supernatural power is in the words, “I forgive.” It is not about forgetting the offense, or about self-discipline, or some mind-over-matter experience. One must simply recognize that it is supernatural in nature and in force but that we must naturally apply it to all aspects of our life.

Unforgiveness Will Entrap and Imprison Us Under the Power of the Perpetrator! 

You choose what owns you… what adds or drains you of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Forgiveness does not release the perpetrator from their responsibility. They own their wrong. And the more in life you do, the more offense will come from people who do not align to your values and purpose. But, forgiveness releases you from the perpetrator’s offense and the emotional imprisonment, bondage, anger, resentment and torment it brings. They will lie about you, call you names, steal from you and, yes, abuse you, but your greatest power is “I forgive.” It is your get-out-of-jail card. And, it is free! There is no greater power on earth.

Forgiveness Releases God’s Best in Your Life…

Your Creator knew that life would be filled with the toxic waste of wrongdoing. God knew you needed an elimination system. He created your digestive system to eliminate waste. He created your lungs to receive oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. There is an amazing elimination system for your body each day for billions of dead cells. Medical News reports that 50 billion cells die per day in the human body, and it is the job of the immune system to clear out and eliminate those dead cells. You were designed to eliminate… It is essential for life. Essential for wellness in life.

Life and Health Are Supported by Elimination

How long before you would be ill if you did not eliminate waste from the food you eat? Not long. Or, how long would you live if your body were not eliminating carbon dioxide? Not long. That is equally true of the toxic offenses in life that create physical, emotional and, yes, spiritual illness. Take the emotions of fear, anger and resentment. They trigger a hormone release that, if sustained over any time, creates an imbalance of cortisol and a host of other conditions that begin to wear down the emotional, the physical and, yes, the spiritual being. Those emotions  may feel justified in response to the offenses of others, but they steal our attention, focus and time to manage their toxic waste, all while robbing our quality of life. There is no greater power to release you than the supernatural power of forgiveness.

My Personal Experience…

When I realized my health crisis could come to an end with the power of forgiveness, I was not going to wait around for other people to make things right. I was going to make things right myself and escape the toxic effects of wrongdoing. I had been lied about, millions of dollars stolen, my anxiety and anger were hurting others… what a vicious circle. Then, I remembered that what Jesus said in His prayer was the supernatural power I needed: “Forgive me as I forgive others.” Truly supernatural but all natural to everything in life. We have palm trees where we live in Arizona. I named some of them in our landscaping according to the people who had wronged me so that I would be reminded continually to forgive them every time I saw the tree. I wrote letters to everyone I knew who was wrongfully engaged or wronged. Even if I did not know where they lived, I wrote a forgiveness letter. It truly was such a remarkable and liberating experience of eliminating the toxic waste that had been affecting my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We all have been wrongfully dealt with. And, we have been wrong at times, even if unintentionally. The words “I forgive” will release you from their toxic waste effects. Two simple but most supernaturally powerful words. I forgive. Thank you 🙂 for letting me share this most transformative truth with you. Yes, you can experience greater wellness in 2024.
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