The Power to Get Well and Stay Well

For hundreds of years, it was a common belief that the world was flat, that man would never walk on the moon and that each person born was given a set of genes and we were incapable of altering our genetic expression. It was believed that our genes predetermined our predispositions of health, weight and behavior.

Today we know that Earth indeed is round. We have seen men walk on the moon and heard astronauts describe their experiences. And we have scientific research to validate that our genes are not static, but equipped with on-off triggers set in place by the choices we make in our lives. There is substantial evidence that our decisions govern our genetic expression in the book Super Genes: The Hidden Keys to Total Well-being by researcher and Professor Rudolf E. Tanzi.

There is power in your choices

Choice has always mattered in life and science is now beginning to realize this God-given power! True science is grounded in spiritual principles. There will always be theories, suppositions, and trials as that is the way science advances, but I am declaring true science will always advance to and in spiritual principles.

The most significant evidence of all in the power of our choices is found in the scriptures. From beginning to end of the many passages of scriptures, lie the eternal truths that our daily choices determine our well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually! You have the God-given power of choosing your life and the identity of who you are. For those who love freedom, this is a message of great liberty and hope.

“…the power is in the choices we make and how we respond.”

I know some people enjoy being victims. They don’t want to assume responsibility for the things that happen in their lives but always look for causes of external forces. I am not saying life doesn’t happen and there aren’t external situations that affect our lives, but the power is in the choices we make and how we respond. Concerning wellness, you need not be a victim but be empowered by the choices you make.

There is power in the choices you make concerning the foods you eat. There are inflammatory foods and anti-inflammatory foods. Some foods promote disease such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and foods that protect against the diseases running rampant in our culture. For example, if you were concerned about thyroid health, you would at least cut back on foods that contain natural goitrogens. These foods like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower when eaten raw actually have chemicals that can cause the thyroid gland to enlarge and interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis.

Choices matter in your life! There is incredible power in even simple decisions like avoiding as much processed food, both carbs and meats, as possible in your daily diet.

You can live with greater wellness!

In the incredible book How Healing Works by Wayne Jonas, MD, (who is also an outstanding physician and researcher with National Institute of Health, World Health Organization and other renowned and peer-recognized institutions) Dr. Jonas lays out the incredible power of choice as it relates to our beliefs and wellness outcomes. In fact, he states that whether by ancient traditions or modern chemical-based medicine, 20% of the effect is in the treatment or therapy and 80% is in the power of belief directed by our choices. As a western culture of cures and research, we have lost the appreciation for our power of choice. Even the placebo effect illustrates and exposes the power of belief in wellness outcomes.

God has designed and given each of us the power to choose. God has designed our bodies to resist disease and live in wellness. The choices we make contribute to how we heal and whether or not we live in wellness! Many times the advertising we hear from the pharmaceutical industry offers a different kind of hope message—a hope message stating we can better manage our diseases.

I want to elevate this message: “We can live a life with better wellness based on the choices we make about food, stress management, sleep, exercise, hydration, love, gratitude and forgiveness.” These contribute to our quality of life and our sense of well-being when connected to our relationship with God. I would like to encourage you today, to not settle for disease management. Make better choices that enable you to get well and stay well!

At the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine, there are four words on the main lobby wall, “Why Are You Here?” We believe that everyone has a purpose in their life. When we connect our purpose with our meaningful wellness pursuit empowered by choice, greater wellness and purpose is the inevitable outcome!

You can live with greater wellness!

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