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Member Spotlight: Brandon MacCartney

Sep 01,2018

Powering Through the Day Brandon MacCartney, TriVita Member since 2017, has always been interested in health and nutrition. “I have studied nutrition since I was a senior in high school. I love learning about nutrition and how amazing God created the body! The more I learn, the more I know…
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The Inflammation Food Pyramid

Aug 28,2018

How do the pieces of an anti-inflammatory diet fit together? This pyramid shows the general guidelines. The base is the foods you should eat the most of; moving up, you see the foods and nutrients you should eat in smaller quantities, or less often. Nutritional supplements A good quality multi-vitamin…
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6 Surprising Benefits of Strength Training

Aug 21,2018

Strength training—also known as resistance or weight training—is designed to improve your muscular fitness by working specific muscle groups against external resistance. Consistently performing strength building exercises has many important benefits aside from just maintaining a healthy bodyweight and increasing muscle strength. BELOW ARE SIX PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL BENEFITS TO…
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Celebrities on Adaptogens

Aug 14,2018

Traditional medicine is making a comeback and adaptogens are taking center stage. Integrative medicine experts, wellness gurus and holistic nutritionists are all talking about adaptogens and their many benefits including glowing skin, more energy and less stress. Actors, Actresses and social media celebrities are at the forefront of sharing the…
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At the “Heart” of Good Health: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Aug 07,2018

By Samuel Grief, M.D. Scientists often discover health breakthroughs by good luck and circumstance. In the 1960s a researcher studied why Canada’s northern Eskimos weren’t suffering from heart disease as much as other North Americans, even though the Eskimos were eating a diet very high in fat (seal and polar…
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True Happiness is Found in Purpose — Take the Life Purpose Quiz

Aug 01,2018

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you or gives a sense of meaning, joy and happiness.” — Terry Orlick Human emotional and spiritual fulfillment is designed in our hearts by our Creator to be found in…
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Member Spotlight - Lorri Sullivan

Jul 31,2018

When Longevity Meets Vitality Everyone wants to live a long and happy life, but what is another year without purpose, wellness and quality? Dr. Lorri Sullivan, Member since 2017, has long been living with purpose and wellness however her quality of life was less than optimal until she discovered MyoHealth.…
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How Stress Affects Heart Health

Jul 30,2018

Everyone responds to stress in different ways. The amount of stress that you feel and how you react to it can impact every aspect of your well-being – physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Excessive stress can contribute to a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, decreased…
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Work Your Legs, Strengthen Your Brain

Jul 23,2018

For centuries the relationship between physical activity and brain health has been acknowledged, but new studies are beginning to demonstrate the significance of movement on neurogenesis. Based on work with mice, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience highlights the intricate brain-muscle connection. The study involved restraining…
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What Supplements Should I Take—and Why?

Jul 17,2018

By Claudia Harsh, M.D. There are as many “right” answers to this question as there are people, but we can make some broad suggestions based on what is known about nutrition, health and the research behind vitamins and supplements. Most vitamins are isolated from plants; in fact there is a…
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