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Live Long and Die Fast

Jul 15,2019

The average life expectancy in North America is 80 years. However, the aging population isn’t necessarily living longer, healthier lives; many adults are simply dying slower. What’s the point of reaching your 80th birthday if you can’t blow out candles unassisted, can’t dance with your family, or even dress yourself? …
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Who Do I Say I Am?

Jul 12,2019

What do you say to yourself when you burn a piece of toast and stink up the house?  Is it, “Hey dummy,” or “hey stupid, what are you doing?” I love golf and have played for many years on beautiful courses, yet I hear golfer self-talk after hitting a bad…
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The New Fountain of Youth

Jul 10,2019

Improve your sleep through the science of sound, light, and relaxation As you age, your quality of sleep naturally decreases. It’s unclear as to exactly why it happens, but there is increasing evidence indicating simple lifestyle changes can help improve your quality of sleep regardless of age.  Enhancing your sleep…
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Without a Vision, You Perish

Jul 08,2019

Life is about more than growing up, getting a job, paying bills, retiring, and eventually dying. While it may at times feel like that, there is more to your life. You are here for a reason, and you have a unique purpose.  It’s essential to discover your purpose and live…
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The Gift of Forgiveness

Jul 05,2019

Forgiveness is a touchy subject for most people. It can be difficult to forgive those who have wronged you. Asking for forgiveness from someone that you’ve wronged can be even more challenging in many ways. It usually involves taking responsibility for your actions, feeling empathy and compassion for those affected,…
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Keto Pancakes with Michael and Susan

Jul 01,2019

Feeding your body in the modern world can be challenging. Many of the best tasting foods are full of refined carbohydrates, sugars, unhealthy fats, and lack the essential nutrients our bodies need. Step into Michael and Susan Ellison’s kitchen as they prepare keto pancakes. Susan’s low-carb pancakes are healthy, satisfying,…
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Episode 013: Featuring Gil Mertz

Jul 01,2019

Gil Mertz shares how forgiveness can transform your life and enlighten your health journey. Are you holding a grudge against someone? Or, maybe someone deeply hurt you and you’ve carried the wound for so long that it’s become a part of who you are. Perhaps it’s not about someone else…
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More Than Just a Game

Jun 24,2019

Participation in group sport and physical education is fundamental to healthy childhood development. It has essential physical and emotional benefits and has a  unique power to attract, connect and inspire children. Soccer is a well-known and highly favored sport around the world, especially in Africa. Soccer promotes teamwork, improves confidence…
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How Stress Affects Your Body Systems

Jun 17,2019

Stress is a natural part of life that affects everyone at one point or another. Daily responsibilities like caring for your family, working, or running errands, to significant life events can trigger a stress response. And, believe it or not, short-term stress can benefit your health. However, if your stress…
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Episode 012: Featuring Andy Baxter

Jun 12,2019

Andy Baxter, MES, PRCS dives into the importance of physical activity for health and longevity for those over the age of 50. In this episode, we revisit Andy Baxter as he shares his extensive knowledge of physical training for an aging population. He provides proven strategies for overcoming the mental…
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