Member Spotlight: Delores Moore

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. But adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. For Delores Moore, she had her life turned upside down after a series of debilitating car accidents.

Delores Moore has been a TriVita Member since 2011, but her journey began long before then. Delores was in her first car accident in 1988 which resulted in serious injuries to her neck and spine. The fallout from that accident and subsequent legal battle consumed her life for the next five years and shook her vitality. “For a while I thought everything was going to be okay. I was doing everything I was supposed to do. I went to physical therapy, took supplements and medication only when I really needed it. I was still going to work because I love to teach, but it just got worse.”

At the time Delores was a high school teacher in New York. “I am a natural born teacher. I have a Bachelor of Education, a Master’s in Education and another Master’s in Education Administration. I taught general and special education; I was a jack of all trades. They put me wherever they needed me.” But after returning to work, her injuries worsened. “Every time I went to the doctor, he told me it would get worse, and it did. Finally, an MRI showed me what was going on,” Delores explained.

In 2005, Delores retired as a full-time educator and moved to New Jersey where she planned to work as a substitute teacher. “They gave me a beautiful retirement party, and it’s sad that these things happened. I would never have settled after that accident if I knew it was going to be like this.”

After moving to New Jersey, Delores was involved in two more accidents that compounded her previous injuries. “The two accidents affected my spine and legs. Then everything got worse, so I just called it in. This is a horrible nightmare but I am strong. I’m strong in my faith and what God can do. I’m just grateful that I can walk.”

For over 25 years Delores has been on a journey to recover with natural products. “My doctors always wanted to put me on these pills, but that’s a horrible life. I suffered all those years, and nothing seemed to help.”

During that time she tried different supplements and herbs, but early this year she found something that helped her. “I began taking MyoHealth after seeing the show with Dr. Wolfe. I began to feel better when a consultant told me about Nopalea. It turns out I had taken it years ago, but never stuck with it. So, I said I’d try it again in addition to the other TriVita products I was taking.”

“I take it every morning at 7 AM, and it really helps. I found my routine, and I want to let people know what I’ve gone through. I give testimonies to everyone! I’ve tried products from other companies, even some with Nopal cactus, but it’s not the same. People need to understand that they need to invest in themselves. Instead of buying things you don’t need, invest in a healthy body.”

While Delores doesn’t teach in schools any longer, she has remained active in her community. She attends church, helps the children with their homework and teaches life skills.

“Thank God for the churches. I’ll always do what I can to help others. I’ll never stop teaching. I love children, and if  I can teach even once a week, I’m good. And the children need it; they need anyone that can give them any kind  of time and attention. I enjoy them  so much, and they enjoy me too. We have a lot of fun together!”

Delores will continue teaching within her church and hopes to find others that are interested in volunteering their time. “A lot of parents here want me to start a program, but I need some young people that can help me. I have the knowledge, but I need the help. If it’s God’s will, it will happen.”

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