Member Spotlight – Lorri Sullivan

When Longevity Meets Vitality

Everyone wants to live a long and happy life, but what is another year without purpose, wellness and quality? Dr. Lorri Sullivan, Member since 2017, has long been living with purpose and wellness however her quality of life was less than optimal until she discovered MyoHealth. Lorri first heard about MyoHealth through a television program. “I’m a retired medical professional and I’m very selective about which products I use. I first learned of MyoHealth through an interview with Dr. Robert Wolfe. I was very impressed with his credentials, background in research and his lifelong commitment to health at any age especially for those recovering from trauma; as well as maintaining optimal quality of life throughout one’s senior years.” “I was so impressed with his background and the show that I was immediately prompted to try the product. When I received MyoHealth, I started taking it right away and took double the serving for the first thirty days because I was recovering from a total left hip replacement. Within the first four weeks, I started noticing a difference in my stamina. In the last six months, my friends and neighbors have been totally impressed with the difference they’ve observed in me. Before taking MyoHealth, I regularly needed help carrying heavy grocery bags. Several months ago I realized that I no longer needed help. I can lift and carry heavy bags of groceries into the house,” she recalls. “I visited my doctor after my hip replacement and found that my overall strength has vastly improved, as well as my stamina, muscle tone and endurance. I am so excited about this product. I take other supplements, but I’ll tell you something, this one is something I really can’t do without.” Lorri Sullivan, Ph.D., LCSW, worked in the healthcare industry for over 50 years and was keenly aware of what was healthy and what wasn’t. However, she admits that she didn’t always take care of herself. “If I’m going to be honest, when I was a busy professional working many, many hours a day, I did not always live an entirely healthy lifestyle. As most of us don’t when we are on a strict schedule, but I was cognizant of what I should be doing. I was immersed in problem-solving my patients’ needs and mine became secondary. Now that I’m able to shift gears, I can focus on my own health.”

Dr. Lorri SullivanDancing has always been a passion for Lorri, but in recent years she was forced to slow down.

Since taking MyoHealth, Lorri has resumed line dancing and is the president of the Sun City Merry Makers. “I line dance three days a week for about two to three hours a day. I can dance twice as long as my counterparts who are half my age – they have trouble keeping up with me! I also do water aerobics. My stamina has improved and my muscle tone is excellent. Because of my improved muscle strength, I no longer have the issues I used to, and I recovered 100 percent from my total hip replacement. The only difference is that I’ve started using this product. And because of it, my musculoskeletal system is stronger!” “I’ve always been fairly active, and that’s the important thing. I get up early in the morning and walk a mile with my dog, Charlie. He keeps me active. I’m 79 years old, and this product has impacted my entire life because it has kept my weight down. When you are stronger and more active, you keep a healthier weight. But I also engage in a lot of social activity like different clubs and organizations. I’m proud to be president of the Merry Makers, as we sing and entertain at convalescent hospitals. This product gives me the foundation of strength to keep going and engage in all these quality of life activities. I’m amazed by the product and what the good Lord has done in my life. I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I want to thank Dr. Wolfe for his work and TriVita for bringing a gift to this world. Lorri isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon. Concerning her physical goals, she says, “I want to maintain a healthy weight, live to 95 years and line dance until I’m 95! But I have a lot of other primary or spiritual goals. It all ties in together because if I’m happy, joyous and out there, then I’m able to bring light to others, to be a light to others in this world. As a Christian, that is my primary goal. I truly believe I will reach my goals!” “I’ve had health issues in the past, but that all has been overcome, and I know that with faith, positive thinking and the use of the wonderful products that God gives us that we can reach our goals. So keep believing in miracles!”
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