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How to Get a Job… After Retirement

Jul 14,2018

Once upon a time, the “retirement years” evoked images of RV travel, hobbies galore and a general life of leisure. Today, expectations are completely different for those entering “retirement age.”

Recent research from the TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies shows that a whopping 82% of those in their 60s expect to, or are already, working past age 65.1 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2022, the 65+ age bracket will be the fastest growing segment of the labor force.1 Why? Most cite the need for income or health benefits.2

Returning to the workforce can be daunting, especially with competition from younger generations. Although everyone’s background and skills are different, these tips can help in your search for an “encore” career.


It literally pays to know someone. Contact former colleagues, clients, vendors, friends and family and let them know you’re seeking employment. You never know when a lead might come up.

Keep your resume short and to the point

You have a lifetime of skills and work experience, but they all don’t belong on your resume. Customize your resume for each position you apply for, highlighting the pertinent skills and experience. Limit your resume to one page, two at most.

Accept all interviews

Hone your interviewing skills by agreeing to all interviews, even for jobs that you don’t really want. This helps ensure you’ll be polished and ready for the job interview that really counts.

Don’t allude to age

Odds are good you’ll be interviewed by, or work for, someone younger than you. Avoid referencing age—theirs or yours. You don’t want to appear condescending or unintentionally reinforce any age bias they may harbor.

Stay on top of trends

We live in an increasingly tech-driven world; keeping up with the latest developments can help you stay competitive with younger job seekers.

Consider temp work

Bring in income while searching for that perfect job. For those who have been out of the workforce, it can also help you build up your resume.


Although you most likely won’t earn a wage, volunteering is great experience to include on your resume.


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