Episode 49: Experience Enduring Joy in The New Year!

Join Michael as he discusses the difference between experiencing happiness and living with joy, and helps establish the steps we can take to live with enduring joy every day!

Happiness often happens in moments. Whether it’s enjoying a good laugh with an old friend or receiving a wonderful gift on Christmas morning. And while happiness is delightful, it can be fleeting. Joy, on the other hand, transcends circumstance and endures beyond a moment. It is how we live with joy that determines much of our happiness in life.

On this episode of Healthy You, Michael discusses the biblical and scientific parallels of joy and establishes the steps you can take to create and experience greater, more enduring joy in your everyday life.

About Michael R. Ellison, TriVita Founder & CEO

Michael Ellison has a mission to help people everywhere experience whole-person wellness. For him, this mission became crystal clear when he suffered a health crisis at the age of 50.

As Michael recovered and found his way back to health, he became determined to share his message of wellness with others. This led to his founding of TriVita in 1999, where he now leads the company’s ongoing pursuit of bringing health and wellness to the world.

Helping people experience greater wellness and mitigate the unwanted, unnecessary lifestyle-related diseases continue to be Michael’s purpose… and he brings this passion to the table in the day-to-day operations at TriVita.

Michael Ellison is also the author of 10 Habits of Wellness and founder of House of Giving — a nonprofit organization focused on serving those less fortunate, especially children in poverty-stricken areas of the world by providing opportunities for a higher quality of life and wellness.

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