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Episode 38: Your Body, His Temple. Living The Supernatural Life

Feb 08,2021

Join Michael as he speaks with Barry Borthistle, author and TriVita co-founder, about his new book, “Your Body is God’s Temple,” and unlock the spiritual mystery of the ages for supernatural living.

Now more than ever, God is revealing to us the mystery that has been hidden from the ages and generations, and now we have the opportunity to unlock. Your body is a temple; God’s temple. Embracing this wondrous truth is the beginning of walking and living a supernatural life.

On this episode of Healthy You, Michael interviews Barry Borthistle about these biblical truths and the incredible life-change that comes from living every day with your body as God’s temple.

Get your digital copy of Barry’s new book, Your Body is God’s Temple, for just $7.00 today!

About Barry Borthistle

Barry C. Borthistle has led 6 different companies or organizations to the multi-
million dollar sales category. He has accomplished this in different sectors of retail
and direct sales, both as an owner and as a corporate leader. He is Co-founder of
TriVita Inc., a global wellness company. Barry is a great motivator, leadership
teacher and growth expert for individuals and organizations.

He is married with five children, fifteen grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
He resides in British Columbia, Canada.

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