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Episode 23: Featuring Autumn Ellison

Dec 17,2019

Healthy You Podcast

Listen to some amazing words of wisdom from the five-year-old granddaughter of Michael R. Ellison.

In every TriVita catalog you will always see the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness beside Michael’s letter on page two. In this episode of Healthy You, Michael R. Ellison focuses on the “gratitude” essential and shares seven scientifically validated benefits you can count on by expressing your gratitude. This special podcast will also touch your heart as he interviews his five-year-old granddaughter sharing her insights on love, prayer and living with gratitude.

About Autumn Ellison

Autumn Ellison loves to be on the move. She skipped crawling and started running right out the gate. She enjoys cooking, baking, painting, and playing with her little sister. Her family is important to her and prays daily and every time it’s her turn at dinner and before bed. She believes the world deserves to live healthy and happy and everyone deserves to be loved. Her favorite TriVita product is Nopalea.

Sep 08,2023

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Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

Sep 01,2023

Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

This month on Healthy You, Michael welcomes Dr. Olivia Remes, a world-renowned researcher from the University of Cambridge whose Ted Talks have received more than 5 million views. Tune in as they discuss healing after trauma — not just “getting over it” but actually experiencing profound positive change…

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