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Episode 32: Featuring Scott Conard, M.D.

Healthy You Podcast

Join Michael and Dr. Scott Conard as they as they discuss how to live powerfully, not fearfully, in a pandemic world.

Today we are overwhelmed with news coverage and information around the pandemic, and yet we see very little about how to optimize our health and strengthen our immune systems.

In this episode of Healthy You, Michael R. Ellison is joined by Dr. Scott Conard to discuss the simple daily practices you can implement into your routine to achieve optimal mental, physical and spiritual health at any age.

About Scott Conard, M.D., DABFM, FAAFP

Scott Conard is the Chief Medical Officer of TriVita, Inc. and President of the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine. He has more than 30 years of successful clinical practice, research and leadership experience.


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