Episode 28: Featuring Dr. Olivia Remes

Dr. Olivia Remes discusses the five ways to beat anxiety and take control of your wellness in the midst of a crisis.

Our physical, emotional and spiritual health is what determines our day to day happiness. And yet for some of us, this unprecedented time of uncertainty and fear is taking its toll on our whole-body wellness.

This week, Dr. Olivia Remes joins TriVita Founder and CEO, Michael R. Ellison, to discuss our emotional health, five practical ways to beat anxiety, and some simple tools you can use to build resilience in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

About Dr. Olivia Remes

Dr. Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher with a focus on depression and anxiety in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Remes became interested in researching common mental disorders to get a better understanding of why some people are more prone to developing them and the societal impact associated with these conditions. She has been interviewed by Sky News, BBC News and Vogue UK about her research; she also gave a widely-viewed TEDx talk on how to cope with anxiety.

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