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Episode 08: Featuring LuAnn Roberson

Apr 15,2019

LuAnn Roberson, Discover Hope contributor, helps tease out what it truly means to be a spiritual being, and how to find hope even in the darkest times of our lives.

At TriVita, we believe that all humans are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings, which is why we discuss all three in our 10 Essentials of Health and Wellness. However, for millions, desperation, uncertainty, and fear have replaced hope and faith. On this episode of Healthy You, LuAnn and Michael each share personal experiences of when they lost sight of hope, and how they moved through their despair to, once again, find hope.

About LuAnn Roberson

LuAnn Roberson is the Minister of Spiritual Care at Discover Hope. She is trained as a spiritual director and works with a variety of leaders and learners who wish to explore, deepen, and experience healing in their relationship with God. LuAnn also has extensive training in cancer and critical care nursing. She received her nursing degree through Arizona State University and carries multiple specialty certifications, which have equipped her with the knowledge, training, and compassion to offer hope, dignity, and companionship to others as they face life-altering situations.

About Discover Hope

Discover Hope is devoted to meeting others where they are and helping them discover HOPE through writing, speaking, and spiritual care. Richard Parrish and LuAnn Roberson work with pastors, churches, and Christian leaders to help support the spiritual care of others in various ways including spiritual direction, mentoring, teaching, and retreats.

To learn more about Discover Hope, visit

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