Episode 25: Featuring Jarir Nakouzi, M.D.

Thanks to innovative medical technologies, people are living longer lives. Find out what you can do to ensure you continue to live a vibrant, healthy life.

Everyone knows that our body uses glucose (sugar) for energy. And you’ve probably heard about oxidation and free radicals. But what does it all mean?

In this interview, Dr. Nakouzi breaks it down, so you can understand how the bad guys (free radicals) are formed, during the energy-conversion process – and also what happens with oxidation. And what you can do to minimize the damage.

You’ll find the discussion fascinating from this medical doctor, specializing in oncology (cancer patients). He also helps patients with various conditions, like neurodegenerative disorders and other chronic degenerative diseases.

About Jarir Nakouzi, M.D.

Jarir Nakouzi, M.D. completed his residency in the Yale University Program of Internal Medicine and has practiced biological medicine for over thirty years. As an expert in oncology, he specializes in integrative approaches in treating chronic degenerative conditions. His private practice in Connecticut takes an integrative approach to chronic disease.

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