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With over 74 million Baby Boomers in the U.S., it’s no surprise that brain health and cognitive function are popular topics. However, mood management and mental health awareness are on the rise as well. According to Mental Health America, one in five adults has a mental health condition, and millions are searching for natural solutions, such as scientifically validated dietary supplements, and lifestyle choices that can help support a brighter mood, better concentration, and overall cognitive function.

The brain serves as a go-to-get source for the various functions in our body system such as hearing, taste and smell, vision and the entire body balance. In addition, our brain plays an important role in controlling our behavior, mood and memories. Therefore, it is equally important for our brain to balance this function and research shows that a regular intake of certain dietary supplements in combination with exercise and diet such as the MIND Diet are some of the best ways to support the functioning of the brain and our mood; not only to make us feel brighter and better but also healthier.

An outbreak of nutritional science news with a particular emphasis on mood and brain function reflects the increasing interest in non-drug, natural interventions to help support that our brain is healthy and performs better as we age. Given the present state of our society where senile dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, Depressive disorder and other related variations are of greater concerns, this heightened interest of the populace to find a more effective and natural solution to brain health is timely. Particularly with the soaring costs of health care, increasing rate of Alzheimer, heightened occurrence of Bipolar Disorder (also called Manic Depressive Disorder), and the aging population which places more priorities than ever on changing lifestyle and prevention.

Over the years, however, pantothenic acid also called Vitamin B5, BacoMind, a standardized and branded form of Bacopa Monnieri and Lithium Orotate, have been shown to play a major role in brain health function and mood management, and these are ingredients that can be integrated into our diets and taken as dietary supplements.

A 3-in-1 Supplement for Brain Health and Mood Management

Dietary supplements, and the ingredients from which they are produced, with their bioavailability and level of absorption, provide us with amazing natural product choices that have been clinically confirmed for their effectiveness to improve cognitive functions, manage mood and improve brain functions.

From BacoMind and Lithium Orotate to the varieties of natural cognitive supplements that can be derived from the pantothenic acid and other natural sources, individuals are now particularly interested in the effective methods of managing their mood and improving their cognitive function. Many people are increasingly wary of consuming the common prescription pharmaceutical drugs to enhance the proper functioning of the brain, as they are commonly produced from the combination of synthesized materials like amphetamine salts which can lead to severe health issues like disruption of sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, psychosis, loss of appetite and death.

NeuroShine — Why Do You Need It?

Dr. Chander

“As a primary care physician, I encourage my patients to take responsibility for their brain health. I recommend that if they want to experience healthy aging of the brain, they should modify their diet, receive the proper amount of sleep and get regular physical activity. I also recommend adequate dietary supplementation to cover any nutrients that may be missing from their diet.
After reviewing the NeuroShine formula and the science behind each of the three ingredients, I’m confident that people who seek to optimize brain health can benefit by supporting their mood, memory and cognitive function with this product”

Ankit Chander, MD, MD (H)
Board Certified Integrative Medicine
Licensed Doctor of Homeopathy

BacoMind® (Bacopa Monnieri)

As it supports mood, helps with psychological stress and supports the functioning of the brain including the memory, Bacopa Monnieri, (BacoMind®) has been especially reported to aid adults in cognitive performance. For instance, positive results were recorded in a double-blind placebo; an age-related memory impairment test. BacoMind® was found to enhance the cognitive functions including focus and concentration, and verbal memory.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Similar to the other Vitamin B categories, Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, has been discovered to play an essential role in the regulation and synthesis of several biochemical pathways. It is popularly known for its energy metabolism and its contribution to the proper functioning of the brain. This vitamin is also required as an important precursor of Coenzyme A category (an essential enzyme for energy and protein metabolism).

Lithium Orotate

As scientists continue to study the effects of Lithium Orotate, studies have also shown that low doses of lithium consumed has positive benefits on the brain and mood. In fact, one particular study reported communities that had micro amounts of lithium in the drinking water experienced less suicide, homicide and violent crimes versus communities with no lithium in the drinking water.

One study compared the low environmental dose range of lithium of 300 micrograms to placebo in a group of patients who had Mild Cognitive Impairment, a condition that can deteriorate to Alzheimer’s Disease in some who have it. Those given the low dose lithium stabilized and did not lose cognitive function while the group on placebo had continued deterioration.

The research borne out of the environmental findings indicate numerous benefits from lithium at low microgram level of doses.

NeuroShine – Why the hype?

For every bottle of NeuroShine , you have a supplement with the combinative power of pantothenic acid, BacoMind and Lithium Orotate. These ingredients are specifically packaged to form a single, yet powerful and confirmed dietary supplement. Each of these ingredients works with each other in amazing and unique ways. Lithium is the oldest and best treatment for the protection of the brain. As it also supports reducing decline in cognitive performance, and is known as one of the best and most effective mood stabilizers available today in the market.

Included in NeuroShine at twice the Recommended Daily Allowance, Pantothenic Acid is needed for the synthesis of some essential neurotransmitters in focus and attention. It is also effective for the metabolism of energy in the brain and the entire body system. BacoMind is present in NeuroShine in its standardized and patented form as it adds an extra level of protection to ensure that the required level of active ingredients in the herbal product are present. Its protective role as a good antioxidant also gives NeuroShine its competitive edge in the market. The combination of these three active ingredients offers an amazing and synergistic formulation to support brain health and function in several ways that complement each other.

Each bottle of NeuroShine provides 30 capsules and support for brain health and function, mood and concentration.



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