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Keeping the Quality of Life Robber at Bay

Oct 03,2018

If you have ever had something of value stolen from you, the emotions and feelings of loss are life-changing.

I remember a few years ago when my wife and I took a vacation and checked into a well-known, nice quality hotel. We were there to celebrate life! I had just recently given my wife a new wedding ring with the stones from the first ring I gave her (pretty small) now surrounding a beautiful multiple carat stone. It held a lot of sentimental value from our wedding vows; for better or worse, for rich or poor. The ring also represented that life had been good to us and we had prospered in our life journey together.

During one of the days at the hotel, the maid service came earlier than anticipated and Susan was still doing her makeup and preparing for the day. She had forgotten she had placed the ring beside the bed. The short version of this saga, when she went to put on the ring, it was gone. The feelings of loss and violation were surprisingly overwhelming. A thief had taken something of great sentimental value.

The point I would like to make is each of us has qualities and experiences which are of great value. They contribute to the meaning, purpose and fulfillment of our lives. Without our consistent awareness, they can be easily stolen by a thief. Please stay with me, as this may even save your life.

Many of our TriVita members are in the 50-plus years of age range. At this age, you’re in the prime of your life, but beyond 50, how well you feel is determined by your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness! There is one robber, the thief of quality of life, and it is the thief known as illness. When long lasting illness is present, it robs us of quality of life. It may be caused by disease but it may not. It may be merely the feeling of fatigue of body, mind or spirit. It might be digestive issues, stress, or pain but the thief is present, and the feelings and emotions are real when the quality of life is diminished. Many people push on; living this way till the thief actually robs their life which results in premature death.

Our wellness is like the precious ring I had given to my wife with memories attached of the experiences we had enjoyed together. When the ring was on the hand, it was adored and appreciated, but when lost, its significance was more impacting than ever imagined.

Promoting and protecting your wellness is one the most important things you can do.

There are key indicators from a clinical view that indicate your present and future state of health. Here are key numbers to know and manage, especially if you are 50 years of age or older.

  1. Check your blood pressure and pulse. Untreated chronic high blood pressure is an equal opportunity killer! It can kill your heart, brain, eyes, kidneys and other organs. There was a close friend of mine that would not deal with his blood pressure and died at 62 years of age. Robbed of quality of life!
  2. It is crucial for your health to know your blood sugar. Untreated, it leads to diabetes (elevated blood sugar) which will long-term rob you of your health and wellness. I know medicine promotes managing it, but if pre-diabetic or type 2; you can reverse it with lifestyle choices and chase the thief out of your life! Why is this important, because diabetes leads to other issues like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputations, dementia and Alzheimer’s. All robbers of quality of life!
  3. Your BMI or body mass index is also a good indicator of your present and future health. As we age, our metabolism changes, and it is easy to begin to lose muscle, and it may be replaced with fat. The most serious fat gain that may not be noticed until way advanced is visceral fat in the stomach and around the organs. Elevated fat levels should be identified as a thief of your future quality of life! I am not promoting a diet here, but lifestyle choices of clean, whole foods and avoiding as much processed food as possible.
  4. Women, balance your hormones levels. As a woman over 50, you have experienced many hormonal changes. Three critical hormonal areas to focus now on your life including your sex hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone, your cortisol stress hormone levels and the third is your thyroid which is your master gland of metabolism. Add to this routine breast exams and mammograms. Early detection is protecting, and it can save your life! Find an excellent integrative physician and embrace balance and energy in your life. Even if you have to fly across the country, come to the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine.
  5. Men, prostate health, can be protected and enhanced. If there is a thief in a man’s quality of life, it is poor prostate health. Early detection and protection are most desired, but also know that inflammation can lead to high PSA! Eat a low inflammatory diet with support from targeted nutrition with TriVita Prostate Formula along with Omega3 Prime to help support a healthy prostate! For sure, this is a lurking thief that men should identify and seek ways to promote a healthy prostate. Your annual physical is added protection against this thief.

Wellness is a beautiful thing. Out of wellness comes our vitality in supporting our life’s meaning, purpose and fulfillment. You have the power of choice. You have the power of healing within. You can experience, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness!

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