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5 Best Workout Motivation Tips

Sep 18,2017

Some days it can be tough to get motivated to workout.

It’s so easy to tell yourself – I’ll do it tomorrow, but that’s a slippery slope! With our busy schedules and never ending to-do lists, working out is sometimes the last thing you want to do!

Here are the 5 best workout motivation tips to get you up and active and actually excited to work out!

1. Do it for the view!

Find a fun place that has interesting scenery and take photos as you enjoy activity. It could be a walk in the park, where you notice the intricate flowers, or a sunset jog where the sky changes by the moment. Take the time to really savor the experience of being in the moment and appreciating your surroundings. This beats a boring cardio session on the treadmill any day!!

2. Make it fun!

What activities did you used to enjoy as a child? Notice how children run around and play and how excited they are to do their favorite activities. Relive that childhood spirit by doing the activities that you used to enjoy – it could be taking a ballet class, or riding horses again. What about riding a bike or exploring trails in the forest? Cross country skiing, golfing or tennis, choose something that used to get you excited and get going!

3. Listen to a good book!

You can listen to most of your favorite books or podcasts while you go for a walk or run or bike… this can be more stimulating than listening to music, and you can learn something too while you’re enjoying your favorite activity! If you get really wrapped up in a book you might even want to extend your fitness time longer to listen to more of the audio!

4. Make it social!

Combine your social time with fitness – instead of meeting a friend for a coffee – get out for a walk together. Try a game of golf instead of going to a movie. Get creative with ways that you can enjoy time with friends and family AND get your fitness in too.

5. Find the time!

Take 10 minutes and do a quickie interval workout. Don’t feel like you need to spend an hour in the gym. Even just taking 10 minutes and doing a combination of movements can be effective at reaching your goals. Try alternating two (or more!) movements throughout the 10 minutes, alternating every 30 seconds. For example : 30 seconds of pushups, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of squats, repeating for 10 minutes.

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