What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About B Vitamins

And what you really need to know!

B Vitamins are essential for healthy aging, and they support many key areas of your health, such as brain, heart, cardiovascular, nerves, bones, emotional, cellular and sleep.

So let’s talk about Vitamin B12. It’s well known that B12 deficiencies can lead to cognitive (mental) decline. But more recent research out of Tufts University, and other well-recognized studies, reveal that even mildly-deficient B12 can speed mental decline.

That’s pretty alarming, especially if your doctor is not telling you about the necessity of B12. And, since it is not stored in the body, you need a daily intake of this crucial vitamin – with diet or supplements.

There’s so much information you need to know inside this special report. Just click the link below and get informed!

Alfred Libby’s Slow Dissolve B-12

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