Feel Better and Brighter with NeuroShine™

Mood, memory, cognitive function and brain health continue to be some of the most-discussed topics as we grow older. This is due to the fact that research scientists are expanding knowledge in the field of brain health backed by the ever-increasing demand for more natural solutions such as scientifically validated dietary supplements. The brain serves as a go-to-get source for the various functions in our body system such as hearing, taste and smell, vision and the entire body balance. In addition, our brain plays an important role in controlling our behavior, mood and memories. Therefore, it is equally important for our brain to balance this function and research shows that a regular intake of certain dietary supplements in combination with exercise and diet such as the MIND Diet are some of the best ways to support the functioning of the brain and our mood; not only to make us feel brighter and better1 but also healthier. An outbreak of recent nutritional science news with a particular emphasis on mood and brain function reflects the increasing interest in non-drug, natural interventions to help support that our brain is healthy and performs better as we age. Given the present state of our society where senile dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, Depressive disorder and other related variations are of greater concerns, this heightened interest of the populace to find a more effective and natural solution to brain health is timely. Particularly with the soaring costs of health care, increasing rate of Alzheimer, heightened occurrence of Bipolar Disorder (also called Manic Depressive Disorder), and the aging population which places more priorities than ever on changing lifestyle and prevention. Over the years, however, pantothenic acid also called Vitamin B5, BacoMind, a standardized and branded form of Bacopa Monnieri and Lithium Orotate, have been shown to play a major role in brain health function and mood management1,2,3, and these are ingredients that can be integrated into our diets taken as dietary supplements.

A 3-in-1 Supplement for Brain Health and Mood Management

Dietary supplements, and the ingredients from which they are produced, with their bioavailability and level of absorption, provide us with amazing natural product choices that have been clinically confirmed for their effectiveness to improve cognitive functions, manage mood and improve brain functions. From BacoMind and Lithium Orotate to the varieties of natural cognitive supplements that can be derived from the pantothenic acid and other natural sources, individuals are now particularly interested in the effective methods of managing their mood and improving their cognitive function. Many people are increasingly wary of consuming the common prescription pharmaceutical drugs to enhance the proper functioning of the brain, as they are commonly produced from the combination of synthesized materials like amphetamine salts and which can lead to severe health issues like disruption of sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, psychosis, loss of appetite, and death. To meet the demands of the growing population for natural brain health solutions, TriVita is happy to announce the introduction of NeuroShine — a 3-in-1 dietary supplement that helps improve focus and concentration, supports mood, memory function and enhances cognitive performance1,2,3.
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