Member Spotlight – Laura Burford

In The Pursuit Of Wellness

“I have hope again and am motivated to continue my health journey. With TriVita there, I feel like I am not alone in this!” Laura Burford, Member since 2004, hardly ever visited the doctor. She always felt “fine” and never saw the need, until she received routine health screening at work; Laura was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. After this diagnosis, she followed her doctor’s recommendations, but she knew she needed to do more. “In the last ten years, things caught up with me. That was a whole process because I was in denial and I was angry. I had a lot of knee pain that turned out to be severe stage osteoarthritis. I couldn’t believe it; I just took my health for granted. I wasn’t doing anything to keep it and a lot of wrong things that hurt my health.” From that point on, Laura was dedicated to learning how to fuel her body and live a healthier life. “I found a couple of reputable companies that I thought I could trust and started taking some supplements. Then I saw an ad about TriVita and Alfred Libby’s Slow Dissolve B-12 for energy. I ordered some and what a life changer! I got the Super B-12, and I haven’t been without it since and never want to be.” After seeing that first program about TriVita’s Slow Dissolve B-12, Laura began reading the monthly catalogs and learning more about the body. From there she tried different products, “I added Nopalea to try and Adaptuit because stress has always been a problem for me. Then I ordered Nerve Formula because of my diabetes. These products really helped me feel better along with physical therapy. I want to save my own parts as long as possible rather than having surgery. The Adaptuit has helped me have a better attitude so that I can nurture the relationships in my life and work.” By the winter of 2016, Laura began feeling rundown and learned she had anemia. She was losing hair, her nails were splitting and lacked the energy she usually had. While her doctors tried to identify the source of her anemia they discovered an ulcer and benign tumor. To make matters worse, while preparing to undergo a small bowel resection, they found several large tumors on her ovaries and uterus. “It felt like a whack-a-mole game. What was going to pop up next?” And something did; “My piriformis muscle was swollen and pressing on my sciatic nerve. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I went to physical therapy and realized that I had stopped taking the Nerve Formula and gotten lax about taking Nopalea. Now I know the value of stretching and won’t stop taking Nerve Formula and Nopalea again.” In addition to these longtime favorites, Laura started using MyoHealth to help her regain the muscle she’s lost. “It is truly helping me feel stronger and able to exercise. This is amazing because I was sedentary for so long. My last surgery is behind me, and I want to make this my year of wellness! I am increasing my strength, mobility and overall health. It’s like my job now to be as healthy as I can so I can live a good life and help others!” “I sound like a real mess, and I have felt that way too, but the great TriVita products and the encouragement and knowledge I am getting from them help me know that I can overcome and be healthy so I can enjoy my life. Even though I had wonderful doctors and surgeons and I am grateful for how much they have helped me, I would much rather spend my time and money on these products so I can live a healthy and productive life.” For anyone looking to improve their health, Laura offers this advice, “First of all, never give up hope! Find what you can, for me, it is faith and believing that He is the healer. But I also know that I have to do my part. I have a responsibility to do what I can to build my health even though it’s a long process. We all have struggles, but everything can get better if we learn what we need to do and apply it. A lot of people are just like I was, they just don’t know.”
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