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Why Eating More Protein Will NOT Prevent Adult Onset Muscle Loss

Aug 14,2017

Think eating more protein will prevent adult onset muscle loss? Think again!

Unfortunately as we age,we start to lose more muscle mass every year.<sup>1</sup> Many people believe adding more protein in their diet will eliminate muscle loss and sadly that is not the solution. Even though eating a balanced diet and including exercise in our daily life are cruicial to optimize your health, sometimes even the most healthy lifestyle is not enough when it comes to onset muscle loss. This is where amino acids come into play. MyoHealth Amino acid supplement when added into our daily routine, can do many incredible things, one of them being preventing onset muscle loss.


Sep 08,2023

Conquering the Greatest Risk to Humanity: Chronic Inflammation

Definition of Inflammation: Acute vs. Chronic Chronic inflammation refers to a persistent and long-term inflammatory response in the body. While acute inflammation is a normal and essential part of the immune response to injury or infection, chronic unresolved inflammation can be detrimental to our overall health. It can…

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Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

Sep 01,2023

Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

This month on Healthy You, Michael welcomes Dr. Olivia Remes, a world-renowned researcher from the University of Cambridge whose Ted Talks have received more than 5 million views. Tune in as they discuss healing after trauma — not just “getting over it” but actually experiencing profound positive change…

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