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4 Ways to Ease Inflammation (That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!)

Sep 06,2017

Inflammation is a hot topic, and for good reason! An inflamed body can show up as so many health conditions: an achy body, weight gain, low energy and even aging faster!1

Here are 4 sneaky ways that you can help to ease and even prevent inflammation:

Ban Electronics From The Bedroom

Gadgets are a part of everyday life, and we can’t live without them.  But if you bring them into your bedroom, this is an open invitation to bring inflammation into your life. The light from the screen of a TV or smartphone can throw off your body’s internal clock. This makes getting a good night’s sleep next to impossible. Even if the screens are turned off, the tiny blinking notification or power lights can be sensed by the photoreceptors in your skin!2 Poor sleep leads to an increase in inflammation.3

No Sweetened Beverages

Stay away from sweetened drinks! It doesn’t matter if it’s diet or regular. People who drink beverages that are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners often have higher levels of insulin in the body4. Therefore, this can cause more inflammation.5

Avoid AnyY Artificially Colored Foods Or Drinks

Check your food labels for any ingredients that you can’t pronounce—they’re usually full of inflammatory substances. Also, avoid any artificially colored foods and drinks. Unless they contain blueberries, a bright blue food isn’t likely to do anything good for your immune system! A weak immune system is associated with higher levels of inflammation in the body.6

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has natural ingredients called polyphenols. They help the body detoxify and also fight free radicals which are a cause of inflammation in the body7. Try to drink 1 -3 cups of green tea daily!



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