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Member Spotlight – Rosemary Cegles

Feb 01,2018

In “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest With the Plough,” the Scottish poet Robert Burns writes: The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley (Go often askew)

Indeed, as many of us have undoubtedly experienced, life doesn’t always turn out the way we once envisioned it. However, if we’re lucky, sometimes the alternate scenario is even better.

Rosemary Cegles grew up in Niagara Falls, New York dreaming of sunshine and the ocean, so after finishing high school she made plans to take off for California. Lacking sufficient funds to finance the entire cross-country journey, she decided to stay with her travel companion’s brother in Chicago, get a summer job and supplement her savings before setting off again in the fall. But somewhere around this time Mr. Burns’ sage couplet once again played out.

As Rosemary herself cheerfully recounts, “I never made it to California, because five months later I married the brother. And here we are today, still together and still going strong.”

For the next six years, Rosemary and her new husband, Paul, lived in Chicago before moving to suburban Westmont and building their first house. They later relocated to nearby Naperville and now reside in Plainfield, Illinois.

Rosemary spent most of her career working with and advocating for homeless people in DuPage County, providing clothing, counseling, and meals for indigent people. While very rewarding, the position was also difficult, and during this time Rosemary began dabbling in floral design as a creative outlet. Later, after returning to school, she began a second career as a professional floral designer.

“My husband Paul started off in the early days of Information Technology with Aamco before switching careers and becoming a community service officer for the Naperville Police. He also volunteered for a number of years with Little Friends, a Naperville organization that serves the handicapped. And if you’re a movie fan, you might have seen him on screen, as he’s appeared as an extra in a number of movies, including Home Alone and The Babe.”

“Wherever we’ve been and whatever we’ve been doing, we’ve always tried to live a wholesome lifestyle, eating healthy, exercising…the whole thing. And TriVita has been a big part of that. We first heard about TriVita after Paul saw one of your B-12 ads in 2004, and ever since we’ve gotten the catalog and built from there. In fact, my morning regimen relies heavily on TriVita, and I’ve even got my son going on it now. (We have 3 children and 9 grandchildren, and they all ask us about vitamins.”)

“I take four bottles of water with me to work every day: two bottles of Vital C™, one bottle of Nopalea™ Daily Cleanse, and one bottle of MyoHealth Lemonade Powder.  We just started taking MyoHealth recently — I start my morning with a MyoHealth Protein Shake — and it’s definitely made a difference we both can feel. The other day one of our clients at the floral shop was talking about how tired she gets and I mentioned my daily regimen. Well, my boss overheard us and piped in, ‘Do whatever she tells you to do. She’s never sick and she runs circles around us.’”

Rosemary and Paul also list B-12, CoEnzyme Q10, Omega3 Prime™, Essential D™, MyFloraDaily Prebiotic and Probiotic, Promeric 95, Bone Growth Factor™, VisionGuard™ and EnergyNow! among their favorite TriVita products. “We also take Nopalea™ and Adaptuit™, which certainly gives me a sense of calm, especially during the holidays. It probably would be easier to discuss what we don’t take, but everything works!”

And how. After a recent trip to the cardiologist, Rosemary’s doctor couldn’t believe the numbers he saw on her blood work. “He left the office, came back and just kinda looked at me before telling me that he’d never seen the good HDL at 128. So then I started telling him about my regimen.”

“I’m not naïve about vitamins and supplements. I’ve been taking them for a long time and I’ve done a lot of research, and I trust TriVita because of the high-quality ingredients you use. And when you follow the usage directions, TriVita products do what they say they’ll do.”

“The proof is in the pudding. We’ve been taking TriVita supplements for years and I feel great, and any symptoms Paul once had are now gone. I have a lot of energy and I’m up and down ladders and on my hands and knees most days. We both feel very blessed by TriVita.”

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