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Episode 30: Overcoming Fear Through Faith

Healthy You Podcast

Join Michael as he discusses his relationship with God, choosing to have a spirit of faith over fear, and embracing whole-body wellness as a lifestyle in the midst of this pandemic.

At TriVita, we have seen an incredible response from our members about how they can embrace whole-body wellness, maintain a strong immune system and live a life with purpose in the midst of COVID-19. But now that stay-at-home orders are being lifted across the country, there are still many people who are hesitant to return to their normal lives and routines.

On this episode of Healthy You, TriVita Founder and CEO Michael R. Ellison discusses the impact fear has on our health, how his relationship with God has given him a spirit of faith and embracing wellness as a lifestyle. He also shares thought-provoking insight from a speech given by Queen Elizabeth during the global lock-down.


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