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Episode 15: Featuring Olivia Remes

Aug 01,2019

Healthy You Podcast

Olivia Remes, Ph.D., discusses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of finding your purpose in life.

Discovering your purpose and meaning drives your life and is deeply connected to your well-being. On this episode of Healthy You, Olivia Remes, Ph.D. talks about the importance of discovering your unique purpose, shares different strategies to help define it and how to live with purpose for better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

About Olivia Remes, Ph.D.

Dr. Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher with a focus on depression and anxiety at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge. Olivia became very interested in researching these common mental disorders to understand why some people are more prone to developing them and the societal impact associated with these conditions. She has been interviewed by Sky News and BBC News about her research; she also gave a widely-viewed TEDx talk on how to cope with anxiety.

TED Talk: How to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders, and it affects people worldwide. Unfortunately, very few people who need treatment actually receive it, which can lead to other conditions such as depression and disability. In her talk, Olivia Remes provides a roadmap for coping with anxiety and how to manage this disorder.

Sep 08,2023

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Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

Sep 01,2023

Episode 69: How to Grow After Trauma

This month on Healthy You, Michael welcomes Dr. Olivia Remes, a world-renowned researcher from the University of Cambridge whose Ted Talks have received more than 5 million views. Tune in as they discuss healing after trauma — not just “getting over it” but actually experiencing profound positive change…

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