His Greatness Within

The path to greater wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually starts with recognizing and embracing the God-given greatness within you. The degree of the flame of desire within you will determine the urgency and steps you take to achieve wellness. Greater wellness is not a destination but a journey of making choices each day to support your desire for greater wellness.

I am convinced that the Holy Spirit who lives in every believer will lead you on that journey of greater wellness as you allow Him to influence your thoughts, feelings, words and actions in support of greater wellness. God has created you to live with greater wellness; He designed your systems, organs and every cell for wellness. 

I encourage you to affirm this daily: “I was created and designed with systems, organs and cells for greater wellness. With God’s help from within me, I will make choices each day that support my desire for greater wellness.”

On your wellness journey you will also experience distractions in life which are many times the robbers of our greater wellness. They are like thieves that lurk in the activities of the day — external influences such as negative news feeds, processed foods to comfort rather than nourish the body, media devices that entertain and keep us from the physical activity and the precious time of prayer and reflection that are so important to greater wellness. But, the power lies within you in your desire for greater wellness. Psalms 145:19 says, “You satisfy the desires of all Your worshipers, and You come to save them when they ask for help” (CEV). There is a power within you of desire and the indwelling Holy Spirit to help you live with greater wellness.

As you experience the greater wellness of more joy, vitality, energy, mobility and less pain, stop to celebrate your experience with gratitude. However large or small it seems, you are making progress on your journey of greater wellness. Be thankful for the support around you that helps you experience greater wellness. If you shop for your own groceries, walk the aisles of fresh produce and fruits thanking God for His creation to support your wellness.

Try this affirmation: “God, I thank You for your love and care. Thank You for all you have created, like delicious whole foods, to support my wellness. I am experiencing greater wellness.”

I want you to know we are here for you as a TriVita Member — a community of support for your wellness journey. Yes, our quality products to support your body systems, organs and cells are important, but so are the prayers we offer to encourage, inspire and remind you that God cares for you. You can ask for a WeCARE consultation to help you make the choices for the wellness experience you desire. Please visit our website for inspirational and informational messages to support your wellness.

As you experience greater wellness, please share your story and experiences, as it is such an inspiration to the many TriVita staff members giving their time, talents and efforts to support our wellness-seeking membership community.

And always, please feel free to write me at ceo@trivita.com to share your testimony and offer your suggestions on how we can better support your greater wellness.

This Easter, may you recognize the power within that comes from faith in our risen, resurrected Lord Jesus!

Happy Easter

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