New Wellness Poster Boy and Girl for TriVita!

I thought I was the poster boy of TriVita, but I step down (temporarily) to Harry at age 93 along with his wife Marvis at age 92. They are the new TriVita wellness poster boy and girl living with wellness!!

It is always a highlight of any day to receive a wellness testimony from a TriVita member like the one from Harry and Marvis. This is the experience we live for every day; the joy of wellness in our lives and the lives of our members!

Living with the abundance expressed through the Essentials for Health and Wellness jumps off of the page of their letter. Read their inspiring story of a life lived with freedom, independence and wellness!

This is our wellness story to inspire others to use your vitamins.

We have trusted TriVita since 2001. Harry and I are on no medications. Harry will be 94, October 15th and I am 92, as of April 1st this year.

We were featured on the front page of the TriVita magazine with our story inside along with pictures a while back.

We do TV commercials and modeling. We ran big yachts and ferried airplanes and now big RVs all over the USA.

We have been everywhere in our own RV, including Alaska. Our map on the outside of our motorhome is full.

Last summer, we left for Seattle to see our grandchildren in June, drove over 11,000 miles, stopping to see friends and family along the way, and didn’t return home until December 6th. It was a wonderful trip.

We dance a lot and enjoy life. I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to do all those things, if it wasn’t for taking TriVita all these years.

Thank you for our healthy life!

Harry and Marvis Long

Harry and Marvis-2


Gratitude is an attitude that enhances wellness. I think this letter exudes gratitude, and I am grateful to Harry and Marvis for sharing their life, journey and wellness experiences to inspire all of us to the possibilities of greater wellness at any age. I believe in the awesome design of our body by our CREATOR when given the right nutrients and nurturing; it has the healing power within to enhance our wellness.

If you have wellness goals, call TriVita CARE at 1-800-991-7116 and share your goals and we will share our best steps towards helping accomplish those goals.

If you have a wellness story you would like for me to share to inspire others, write me at

Pursue wellness with passion!!

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