Conquer Chronic Inflammation At The Source

Chronic inflammatory-related diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world today. While this is a startling statistic, you don’t have to suffer. There are many critical lifestyle-related changes you can quickly and easily implement to help reduce the harmful effects of chronic inflammation on your body. Among these are a healthy diet, regular exercise and anti-inflammatory supplements in your daily routine.

TriVita’s Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Regimen includes three science-backed supplements that have been shown to reduce some of the damaging causes and effects of chronic inflammation on the body. 

Nopalea, Trans-Resveratrol and Omega3 Prime are a triple threat!

Nopalea benefits:
1. Lowers elevated, at-risk levels of C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation
2. Improves joint mobility, range of motion and flexibility in the neck, back and joints
3. Less reliance on pain medication

Trans-Resveratrol benefits:
1. Helps with blood flow by keeping arteries and veins open to promote a well-functioning cardio system and healthy blood pressure
2. Helpful as an anti-viral and has shown a capacity to control fungal, bacterial and viral infections
3. A multi-tasker, helping with heart health, brain health, anti-viral, anti-aging and more, to help maintain optimal health and longevity

Omega3 Prime benefits:
1. Anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve joint discomfort and reduce symptoms associated with inflammation
2. Supports healthy blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart problems
3. Protects against cognitive decline

Chronic inflammation is a real, modern-world problem. Give yourself the best chance of conquering the chronic inflammation raging inside your body. The science and education about TriVita’s products are available to help you on your wellness journey!


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