From Ancient to Modern Times, THIS is How Healing Really Works!

There is a fundamental principle so powerful that it forms the basis upon which medical science measures any advancement in drugs or treatments.

It is so powerful that it’s recognized by scientists to measure true results of a drug or treatment in any clinical study. It has been recognized, researched and studied by scientists for decades — but practiced worldwide by mankind for thousands of years. 

If you want healing and health to occur, this is the most powerful source of healing you can tap into. And everyone has the innate ability to tap into this power. You just haven’t learned about it.

In medical research, there are two factors to be considered when testing a new drug or treatment. It’s the drug’s effects measured against the amazing… placebo!

We’ve all heard about the placebo’s use, as a standard in modern science. You know, it’s when researchers conduct a clinical trial, giving half the participants the drug (or treatment) they’re testing – and give the other half a sugar pill or some other inactive substance.

Today, modern medicine uses a placebo in research — not to optimize healing, but as a means to separate the effects of belief from those of the drug or technique itself.

The Power of Belief

The power of belief is recognized as a constant, which will always produce an effect. Therefore, a placebo is always used in clinical trials to measure any improvements above and beyond the power of belief.

In fact, belief is recognized as having a greater healing effect than the results achieved from any drug or treatment.

In his book, How Healing Works, Dr. Wayne Jonas says, “Drawing on the most rigorous scientific evidence available, as well as wisdom from ancient healing traditions, I will show you:

That only 20% of healing comes from the treatment agent that the doctor applies to you.

And a full 80% of healing comes from constructing a meaningful treatment response, unique to you, which is internal and highly personal, using simple principles and components.

You can activate your own, inherent healing processes, and get your physician and others on board to help accelerate your healing journey.”

Wayne Jonas, MD, is a family medical doctor, trained research scientist and explorer of many medical systems. He served as director of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as research scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), and at other renowned institutions.

The placebo’s power is not to minimize the importance of any drug, treatment, supplement or herb to help you live healthy. But the placebo effect demonstrates a hidden (and mostly ignored) power available to you. 

The placebo effect is when test participants, receiving the placebo, experience a benefit… even though there was nothing beneficial in their dose. No thing, anyway. So how does this happen?

Because the placebo participants ‘believed’ they were getting the drug.

To fully comprehend the power of our beliefs can get a little esoteric. But even hard, cold science takes the power of belief into account, in order to effectively measure against any improvement when testing a drug or treatment protocol.

Do Your Beliefs Create Your Reality?

Believing is usually associated with spiritual growth and our relationship with God.  Jesus realized this power and said in Mark 9:23, “All things are possible when you believe!” 

There is no illness or disease that cannot be overcome with the power of belief. This is not simply a positive mental attitude or mind over matter… it is tapping into our God-given power.

Paul wrote in Romans 12:3, “To every person, God has given a measure of faith!”

My wife, Susan traveled her wellness journey, by faith. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 years ago, she went from the scream of disbelief when her breast cancer was confirmed, to a penetrating question:

“What do I believe about my life, my purpose and my right to accept God’s gift of healing?”

Her healing journey has been amazing. She drew even closer to her faith, with an unwavering commitment to the plan of medical exams, diet, exercise – and positive thoughts, meditation and prayer. She knew that if she did her part… God would take care of the rest!

Perhaps most importantly, she proved that laughter is, indeed, the BEST medicine.

Faith or belief is not miraculous. Even though medical science calls it a miracle when a disease (or positive outcome) is healed, without a drug… we know it is the power of belief.

Faith comes from an inner surrender – gracefully accepting God’s gifts to us, as we honor our bodies as a holy temple where Spirit dwells.

In Timeless Healing: The Power and Biology of Belief, Herbert Benson, M.D., Harvard Medical School, writes that one of the most important things you can do each day is to invest 10 – 20 minutes in meditation, focusing on a time of remembered wellness.

A time when a simple prayer can be repeatedly prayed to align with God’s vision for us. Dr. Benson writes, “Although I wanted my patients to enjoy the technique, so they would adhere to its practice, I also wanted them to reap the rewards of remembered wellness, by believing in the technique.

It wasn’t just belief in themselves or belief in the technique that they applied to mental focusing, it was often religious faith. That is why I came to call the combination of these physiologic powers the faith factor.”

There is much ‘dis-ease’ in the world… bodies that are not at ease, at peace… and not in alignment with their innate physician. And the World Health Organization says chronic inflammatory-related disease is the greatest threat to human health. Something is VERY wrong!

Yet, there is a magnificent power available to us to heal ourselves. Claim your birthright to live well and prosper.

You can live with greater wellness. Believe you can, and you will!

Yours in wellness,

Michael R. Ellison

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