TriVita and House of Giving’s Mission to Help Human Trafficking Survivors

Human trafficking can start with a simple online conversation, and young children can be lured by traffickers who use psychological means to ensnare and trap them. Even young trafficked victims can be used to groom others into human trafficking by building trust and rapport. This can start with an approach at the mall. It can be a shock to hear that this could be happening right in our backyard, and the sad truth is it is. In the U.S. alone, more than 8,500 human trafficking cases were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in 2019. That may not seem like a big number, until you realize that only 1-2 percent of human trafficking victims are ever identified, which could bring the number close to almost a million victims within U.S. borders. It’s a form of modern-day slavery and is a growing problem that can’t be ignored.

What’s Human Trafficking?

This insidious multi-billion dollar business is sending shock waves across newsrooms and social media platforms worldwide. It may be a term you’ve heard before, but the dark reality of life as a victim of human trafficking is beyond comprehension. The Department of Justice states human trafficking as the fastest growing business in organized crime and it involves the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. It makes more money than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It’s both a domestic and global crime, but unfortunately, it occurs most in the U.S. 

House Of Giving human trafficking relief

Only 1 out of 100 trafficked individuals will be rescued. In 2019, half of all victims were children, according to the Federal Human Trafficking Report. The top three vulnerabilities identified among children victims are runaways, children in foster care and abused or neglected children.

House of Giving’s Mission

House of Giving believes every life matters to God. Every human has the right to a life of purpose and hope, with physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. That‘s why House of Giving has joined the Phoenix Dream Center to aid in restoring dignity and inspiring hope to victims of human trafficking by building ‘dream rooms’ for survivors. Survivors from across the nation who come to the dream center also get safe-housing services such as medical care, emotional support, and education.

Making a Difference With Dream Rooms

Have you ever thought of where you feel the safest? For most of us, it’s inside our homes, a space filled with love, laughter and memories. How can something as simple as a safe room contribute to your peace of mind, your self-worth and feelings of security? Imagine what it would feel like to not have a safe place. To live in fear. To have nowhere to go. No safe space or room to escape. 

For victims of human trafficking, safety can be the difference between life or death. It can make a difference in their fight to survive. It offers hope for a future not filled with fear. It can be a building block in the foundation that takes them from victim to survivor. 

You can make a difference in the life of a human trafficking survivor. Together, with your help, survivors will receive proper shelter and direct access to resources necessary for recovery at the Phoenix Dream Center. Dream rooms provide sanctuary for up to four survivors at a time and will house between 50-60 survivors over a five year period, which is the typical life cycle of a room. 

House Of Giving human trafficking victims

While living in their dream rooms for as long as two years, survivors have access to: 

  • on-campus medical treatment 
  • therapeutic healing services
  • pastoral nurture care 
  • advanced educational programs
  • job training

You can help prepare a dream room to support survivors of human trafficking. Help them have a safe and secure place to heal. 

How Can You Help?

House of Giving is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and has been donating to causes since 2001. They ensure 100 percent of donations go toward the causes they support. 

What is the cost? The cost is a human life. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

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