Literature to help nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness journey.

10 Habits of Wellness

10 Habits of Wellness

For a happier and healthier life with less illness and disease

Your body was created to enjoy wellness. Founder of TriVita, and the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine, and author of 10 Habits of Wellness, Michael R. Ellison, believes the better you feel, the easier you can live out your life purpose. Change, pain, and challenges are an inevitable part of life, but God designed you to thrive and embrace the gift of health. Ellison’s book inspires his readers to discover their purpose through love, forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance, and to feel connected to God and His purpose for your life. He also encourages us to improve our lifestyles with healthy diets and consistent exercise. Everything you do is a personal reflection of how you value yourself. With a greater intentional way of living, you’ll begin to flow with peace, balance, and vitality. 10 Habits of Wellness will help guide you in optimizing your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Your Body is God’s Temple

Your body is gods temple

Rejuvenate your spirit with Barry Borthistle’s book that explains God’s marvelous plan of walking and living a supernatural life! His book explores the biblical principles of health that you can apply to your daily routine. When you are on a quest for answers to your health and living a better life, he equips you with scriptures and related historical research, as well as profound insights seldom addressed in churches and Christian Publications. Read this and begin to feel and understand the glory and love God desires for your whole being.