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Bone Growth Factor™

180 Capsules
2 Capsules per serving


180 Capsules
2 Capsules per serving

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Men & Women's Health Support


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Bone Growth Factor™

Bone Growth Factor features MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite), an advanced calcium that mirrors what is found in our bones and has been suggested to help with bone remodeling. MCHC resembles the nutritional composition of human bone and comprises up to 70% of the calcium found in bones.


Money-Back Guarantee

Manufactured in a USA cGMP licensed facility


Bone loss is a major public health threat. About 4 in 10 women and 1 in 10 men over 50 will break a hip, vertebra or wrist due to weak and porous bones. Each year, about 1.5 million older adults will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture.2

A daily serving of Bone Growth Factor’s advanced formula provides:

  • MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, 1,500 mg)
  • Seven forms of calcium (1,000 mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (49.8 mcg)
  • All the vitamins and minerals recommended by the National Osteoporosis Foundation as important for bone health.4

Although women, Caucasians and Asians have the highest risk of osteoporosis, it is a real risk for men and women of all backgrounds. Osteoporosis is a real threat for over 40 million Americans. 1

Protect your bones

Bone is living tissue that is constantly formed and broken down by your body throughout life. As children and teenagers, our bodies build more bone than they break down. However, somewhere between ages 18 and 25, the body begins to lose more bone than it forms; this bone loss speeds up around midlife.3

Many people don’t know they have weak bones; a fracture can be the first outward sign. Testing bone density is the surest way to check for bone health.2 And although we can’t control some of the risk factors for bone loss, there are many ways we can help protect our bones—beginning at any age.

  • Eat a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D – We need calcium and vitamin D to help build strong bones when we’re young, and to help keep our bones strong as we age. They are essential for minimizing bone loss.1
  • Exercise regularly – Strength-building and weight-bearing exercises are best for healthy bones.4
  • Prevent falls – Check your home for dangers such as loose rugs and poor lighting.5

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Bone Growth Factor’s proprietary blend?

Bone Growth Factor is an exclusive blend of nutrients that helps the minerals and vitamins, including evening primrose, ipriflavone, GABA, inositol, silicon (as silicon dioxide), boron, choline and
5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine (melatonin).

What kind of calcium is in TriVita Bone Growth Factor?

TriVita uses a seven-calcium blend, plus microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHC). The other 6 calcium in our blend are carbonate, phosphate, citrate, lactate, ascorbate, orotate and D-glucarate.

How much and when should I take TriVita Bone Growth Factor?

We suggest that adults take two (2) capsules three times daily with meals.

Are there foods or medications that I should avoid taking with TriVita Bone Growth Factor?

If you are pregnant or on any medication, specifically blood thinners, please consult with your healthcare provider before using.

Can vegetarians and vegans take it?

TriVita Bone Growth Factor contains non-vegetarian forms of calcium.

Is this product safe for diabetics and pregnant or nursing women?

If you are on medications or are being treated for a condition, always consult your healthcare provider before taking a new supplement.


(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Bone Growth Factor™

  1. Phyllis L. (verified owner)

    I was at a doctor appointment about 10 years ago, where my doctor was telling me that I was on the verge of Osteoporosis. I saw an ad for Bone Growth Factor. I have been taking it regularly, and can’t believe the difference. I am now 79 years old, I have never broken a bone and my doctor says my bones are so strong now. I am so happy with Bone growth Factor, and give it a 5 star rating.

  2. Jean B. (verified owner)

    I had osteopena and was on my way to having osteoporosis. I started taking Bone Growth Factor and when I went for my next bone density scan it was reversed. I have continued taking Bone Growth Factor and have great scans. I am very pleased with this product.

  3. William/Young S. (verified owner)

    I’m really feeling my bones are stronger while using the Bone Growth Factor. I am able to stand up easier and I can notice that I feel stronger. I have been taking Bone Growth Factor for about 7 months and will continue to take it. I give Bone Growth Factor a 3 star rating right now because I want to see how I feel after a year.

  4. Gelsy L. (verified owner)

    I had been having bone density issues so I started using Bone Growth Factor. I had for a recent analysis and even my doctor was so surprised from the results and wanted to know more about this Bone Growth Factor.

  5. Judith H. (verified owner)

    Bone Growth Factor, vital for my calcium levels and with bone density test improves my levels every time! Member since 2003.

  6. James G. (verified owner)

    My doctor had noticed that I was starting to lose my bone density and he wanted to put me on a prescription to help, but I don’t like taking things like that. So I called TriVita and they recommended Bone Growth Factor. I have been taking it for a little while now and I just recently went for a bone density test.. and now the doctor says it does not look like I have lost any bone density anymore. I will continue to take Bone Growth Factor and I give it a 5 star rating.

  7. Vicki J. (verified owner)

    Bone Growth Factor – I fell in my kitchen and landed hard on my hip. My first thought was I broke my hip. When I got checked out, the doctor was amazed I hadn’t sheered off my bone but there was no crack, or fracture or break. I attribute this to Bone Growth Factor and the good Lord for protecting me.Update 1/2021:I had a bad fall at age 68 right onto my left hip. The Dr. thought that I might need a hip replacement but thanks to Bo9ne Growth Factor and the support it gave my bones, there is noneed for a replacement. Everyone needs Bone growth Factor to strengthen their bones.”

  8. Hannah V. (verified owner)

    I have been on Bone Growth Factor for long time. Originally my doctor said my bones were so thin like rotten wood. And then I tried Bone Growth Factor and had my next bone density test after 2 years and age 82, and it came out normal! The doctor couldn’t believe it and told me to keep takingthe pills. Now I am almost 88 years old and have normal bone density! Oh yes definitely give it the highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

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Bone Growth Factor™
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