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10 Habits for a Healthy Life

Oct 27,2022

What kind of habits do you have? Are you thinking, saying and implementing positive daily behaviors that promote a good and healthy life?

A habit is a learned behavior that becomes reflexive over time. For example, you may drink a cup of coffee in the morning followed by brushing your teeth as part of your routine. This would be considered a habit. There is a myth that you can form a habit in 21 days, but recent studies say it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.1

Healthy habits promote health and wellness in your life – like exercising, a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, taking the right vitamins and supplements and socializing with friends and family. 

Here are 10 Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle:

1. Eat breakfast every day
2. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
5. Limit saturated fats and added sugars
6. Don’t smoke tobacco products
7. Limit alcohol consumption
8. Get 7-9 hours of good sleep each night
9. Take deep breaths to relieve stress and anxiety
10. Take supplements to complement your healthy diet

Take stock in your daily routine and consider if you are practicing healthy habits every day. If not, today is a great time to start. Positive habits and lifestyle changes can give you overall wellness and happiness and a life worth living.


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