Regain Your Muscle Strength with Help from a NASA Study

Looking to enhance the health of astronauts in space, in 2001 NASA commissioned a bed rest study that 16 years later could pay dividends by improving your muscle strength and function! The risk of extreme muscle loss presents severe limitations for space exploration. In fact, when the body is exposed to zero gravity environments for an extended period, muscles become weak and deteriorate. But muscle loss does not only affect astronauts. As we age, the rate of muscle atrophy increases, especially among older individuals with limited mobility or those that are routinely on bed rest. In the study, elderly individuals confined to bed rest for as little as 10 days actually experienced greater muscle loss than younger patients that were immobile for 30 days. However, there is hope! In this short video, Dr. Robert Wolfe explains the results of the NASA bed rest study and what you can do to prevent further loss of strength and help build new lean muscle at any age!
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