Nutrition Does Matter!

A recent study on the benefits of fish oil and Vitamin D was released by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The study results were also published by The New England Journal of Medicine titled The Vitamin D and Omega -3 Trial (VITAL). There are times when specific nutrients deserve our attention. Studies like this one add supporting information to our belief that the body, when given the right nutrients and nurturing, is designed to heal and restore itself.

Without going into the full details of the study, what was impressive is 25,000 people participated in the study. Although top-line results in healthy people were not remarkable, what is striking are the findings below the top-line results in the additional analysis shows:

  • Almost a 30 percent reduction in heart attacks in the fish oil group compared to placebo
  • A 40 percent reduction of heart attacks in fish oil groups who had less than 1.5 servings. of fish per week with even more dramatic results among African-Americans.
  • Reduction in the rate of cancer deaths two or more years later in people who took Vitamin D.

Having owned a research company in the past, I learned that many times it is in the additional findings are often the most interesting. The study affirms the safety of both Vitamin D and omega fatty acids, and does not change the decades of research showing how crucial supplementation is for overall health.

Vitamin D, a nutrient of public health concern, plays an important role in bone health, immune function and maintaining cardiovascular health in adults. Omega-3 is essential to cardiovascular, prenatal and cognitive health.


I am thrilled to announce we have just completed our ten-part television series in partnership with TBN. The show is called Wonderful You and will start airing in February. These are informative, inspirational and with a little bit of humor tied in with man-on-the-street interviews. The shows are a new way to educate the public to better understand the body’s systems and organs and how to support them with diet, supplementation and lifestyle activities. This is another way we can fulfill our mission of helping to improve people’s quality of life with greater wellness.

Yes, lifestyle choices do matter.

Nutrition matters and nurturing matters! You can live with greater wellness no matter what age or state of being you are in. We are committed to the mission of helping others experience greater wellness.

Last thing here, if you find New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep, perhaps a Wellness Coach would help you discover new ways to overcome barriers and live the life you desire. [TVBLOGCOPY]If you think this might be beneficial to you, call 1-800-344-9431 and ask for a free, confidential consultation.[/TVBLOGCOPY] There is a reason all Olympians and every professional who seeks optimal performance relies on a coach! It is a great method to achieve what you desire in life.

Make 2019 your year of optimal wellness!

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