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Immune Booster Pack

Manage Stress – Lower Inflammation – Build Your Immune System

In times of uncertainty keeping your immune system strong and lowering inflammation along with staying hydrated and managing stress are all key factors for good health. As a TriVita member, you can count on our premium quality products to help you maintain your good health. And rest assured knowing that putting the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness into play is a recipe for your vitality and wellbeing. 

Our commitment to your health and wellness is our number one priority so we are offering you a special health pack to help you manage your stress, lower your inflammation and build your immune system.

5X VitaPoints on the Immune Boost Pack

The Immune Booster Pack includes:

1 Bottle each of Vital C Tablets and Essential D to build-up your immune system, a 4-Pack of Nopalea to help fight inflammation, and 1 bottle of Adaptuit to help relieve stress.

You’ll receive a usage guide to get the best results, FREE shipping, and
3,799 VitaPoints (5X) worth $37.99

you can use on a future order of any TriVita product.

All that, in stock and delivered right to
your door for just $189.96*


~ OR ~
You can purchase the products
in the pack individually*:

NopaleaNopaleaView Details


Vital C TabletsVital C TabletsView Details


Essential DEssential DView Details


Adaptuit<sup>™</sup>AdaptuitView Details


*Offer available while supplies last and may be discontinued at any time. Individual product purchases do not qualify for 5X VitaPoints or free shipping unless purchased in qualifying quantities.

Coronavirus Update:

In addition to providing you with premium quality products, we want to provide you with information you can trust. Ankit Chander, MD is a Johns Hopkins trained medical professional and Medical Director of the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine. Please view this five-minute video with Dr. Chander sharing what you need to know about the Coronavirus and what you can do to stay in good health.