Healthy Heart Pack

Our Hearts Need TLC

Give your heart the protection it needs with all the ingredients for good heart health from our NEW Healthy Heart Pack. All of these nutrients contribute to heart health by offering support to blocked arteries, vascular health, healthy blood pressure, and overall cardiovascular wellness.

We’re committed to offering quality ingredients to each area of health, and heart health plays a huge role in our overall wellness.

The Healthy Heart Pack includes:
1 bottle each of K2 Complete, CoEnzyme Q-10, Cholestria, Omega3 Prime, and 1 box of HCY Guard®

During the Month of February
you’ll receive FREE shipping, and
1,787 VitaPoints (3X) worth $17.87

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order of any TriVita product.

All that delivered right to
your door for just $148.95

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~ OR ~
You can purchase the products
in the pack individually*:

*Offer available while supplies last and may be discontinued at any time. Individual product purchases do not qualify for 5X VitaPoints or free shipping unless purchased in qualifying quantities.

Watch and learn how this unique pack can help support your heart health.