Episode 22: Featuring "Amazon John" Easterling Part 2

Amazon John is back to continue the discussion on digestive health and how it affects mental and physical well-being.

Your gut and brain are intimately connected, but many people overlook the importance of a healthy digestive system when dealing with mental and emotional dysregulation. In this episode of Healthy You, Amazon John shares his top tips for incorporating digestive enzymes and fiber into your diet for better digestion, improved immune response and increased energy and mental clarity. Join Michael R. Ellison and John Easterling to learn more about the importance of supporting optimal gut health.

Click below to listen to part 1 of this two-part podcast.

About “Amazon John” Easterling

John Easterling is an explorer, rainforest educator, conservationist and entrepreneur. John has always had a passion for discovering lost treasure, which led him to travel to South America. He fell ill on one trip and was cared for by the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. Since then, Amazon John has dedicated his life to the exploration, preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

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