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Could This Be the Closest Thing to a Wonder Drug?

Oct 01,2019

What could be more beneficial to your health than any medication? According to a publication by Harvard Medical School, walking is considered to be the most helpful thing you can do to sustain your life-giving force of wellness. They even quote Dr. Frieden saying, “The closest thing I know to a wonder drug is walking.”  Because of our medical system and evidence-based practices, we have been influenced to believe that accepting disease and managing disease is our best way to a better quality of life.  That is a choice, but it is not the best choice if it ignores nutrients and nurturing in supporting your body systems and organs designed to keep you well.

Your body is amazing, wonderful and beautifully designed. I like to think of it as a Ferrari with a distinctive style of elegance, power, and speed.  And yes, a costly automobile. If you were fortunate enough to own one, would the tire pressure matter? What kind of fuel would you burn? Would oil quality and coolant levels have anything to do with performance?  Or if the tires were low on air pressure, you would just stop and enjoy sitting in the beautiful Ferrari! You get the point. Your choice of nutrition and nurturing matters to your health and wellness. Harvard Medical School is ranked number 1 in research, and they continually come forward with research that shows lifestyle choices matter most to your health!

You will benefit in so many ways when you make choices to manage your inflammation. The new Nopalea random double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study shows that after taking 3 ounces per day of Nopalea for 60 days, participants showed improvement in joint mobility, neck and back range of motion, and flexibility. Another noticeable result in the study showed that participants experienced less pain and greater quality of life.

Take note from Harvard Medical School research, if you can move better and will include 30 minutes of walking per day five days a week, it is one of the most important things for your long term health.  And when you have greater mobility and range of motion in your joints, neck, and back, you will want to be more active doing the things you love to do!  

In my home gym, I have two motivators, “Just do it” by Nike, and my own quote, “Just move it!”

I hope you will take the time to browse the quality products offered by TriVita to help you “just move it” and enjoy the highest quality of life. That is our pursuit and hope for our own lives as well as yours.

Physical activity is also one of the Ten Wellness Essentials I write about in my book, [TVBLOGCOPY]The Ten Habits of Wellness[/TVBLOGCOPY][MWSBLOGCOPY]The Ten Habits of Wellness[/MWSBLOGCOPY]. [TVBLOGCOPY]The three Rs[/TVBLOGCOPY][MWSBLOGCOPY]The thee Rs[/MWSBLOGCOPY] (Reward, Routine, and Reminders) will help you develop lifestyle habits that promote wellness. By getting a copy and having it as a reminder, will help you develop those endearing and enjoyable wellness habits.

Pursuing Wellness,

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