Cardiovascular Health

The results of your Nutritional Evaluation show that you might benefit from taking cardiovascular support supplements. TriVita’s Cardiovascular Support Health Pack is designed to support your heart, arteries and veins with biblically based and scientifically supported supplements.

Here’s a look at how cardiovascular support supplements like Nitric Oxide Plus, HCY Guard® and CoEnzyme Q-10 may help you on your wellness journey.

Cardiovascular Support Health Pack includes:


Nitric Oxide Plus helps blood, nutrients and oxygen travel through our bodies more efficiently and may aid in lowering the risk of high blood pressure.

HCY Guard helps protect your heart from high homocysteine (HCY), which can lead to blocked arteries, clots and a higher risk of heart disease.

CoEnzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10, provides antioxidant protection to support heart and blood vessel function, and it has been shown to reduce muscle pain and weakness for people on statin drugs, as well.

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