One of Our 10 Foundational Values

Quality Controlled Packaging and Production

At TriVita, we strive to create wellness products that you can take with complete confidence. This unflinching commitment to quality means we dedicate extra time and attention to everything we do.

Each of our nutritional supplements begins with high-quality ingredients. We source all of our vitamins, minerals, botanicals and herbs from reputable suppliers around the world, and conduct numerous tests before manufacturing to guarantee their identity, potency and purity. If every component meets our exacting standards, it’s time for production.

TriVita only works with the best U.S.-based manufacturers to assemble our products. During the rigorous manufacturing process, we adhere to all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to prevent contamination and guarantee the safety of every product.

But our passion for providing exceptional wellness experience doesn’t end once our products are created. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the supplement is protected by its packaging.

Without superior packaging, the pure ingredients could become compromised throughout the established shelf life of the product. This is why we lend as much care to the packaging as we do the product itself. Many of our supplements that are especially sensitive to moisture include small packets that contain desiccants which are substances that attract water. These pre-packaged desiccants help control moisture levels inside the bottle until it is opened. Some products, such as Vital C Tablets, also include cotton to protect the integrity of the tablets.

Consumer safety is always a top priority at TriVita, and our packaging plays an important role. Every ingestible product that TriVita produces includes two forms of tamper-evident seals to provide an added layer of protection. Every precaution is taken during product production and manufacturing to guarantee that our products exceed your expectations.